Paid Pakistan back in its own coin- Air Marshal Pandey

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We have paid them back in the same coin and this is tit for tat says Air Marshal (Retd), B K Pandey. The army has carried out a restricted operation and this is what is called paying back in the same coin, B K Pandey tells OneIndia.


India today confirmed that it had carried out a surgical strike 500 metres to 2 kilometres into the Line of Control in which 7 terror launch pads were destroyed. Further India also informed that casualties had been caused on the other side while also added that the army was not prolonging the operation.

The retired Air Marshal says that surgical strikes are not an invasion on a wide front. It is more of an informed targeting. Surgical strikes are a far more effective when carried out with choppers and air crafts. However a surgical strike can also be carried out on the ground he informed.

The army in this case has carried out a restricted operation. It was a well planned one and there must have been a lot of assessment that would have gone into it, B K Pandey also points out. He also says that it was a calculated manoeuvre. It also takes the enemy by surpise, he further adds.

Air Marshal Pandey also says that one must also think of the repurcussions. There is a chance of escalation. That fear is always there. However as I pointed out that this was a calculated move and the Indian army must have considered a lot of these facts before it carried out this operation. It is good that such an operation was carried out. I also felt that it was right thing to inform about this operation as the public has a right to know that we have hit back, Pandey also says.

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