On Afzal Guru issue, JNU students play into hands of unseen forces

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Before these students at the JNU blindly raise slogans in favour of Afzal Guru, one wonders whether they think of what a pain staking investigation it was for those who probed into the Parliament attack.

It was the Parliament for God Sake that was attacked- the pillar of democracy. The final investigation report in this case concluded by stating- The only intention was to destroy democracy.

Unseen forces behind JNU students?

It comes as a surprise when leaders especially in the Congress condemn the Afzal Guru hanging. When P Chidambaram says that the Afzal Guru issue was perhaps not correctly decided, it comes as nothing but a surprise.

He was in the UPA as a cabinet minister when the decision was taken to send him to the gallows. Such a major decision would not have been taken individually by Sushil Kumar Shinde alone who was the Home Minister when Guru was hanged.

The danger lurks around the Afzal Guru issue

Now getting back to the JNU issue where the students decided to make Guru into a martyr, one wonders if they are doing so out of their own will or are being played by someone. Either ways it is dangerous. Let us face the fact whoever planned this Afzal Guru event has achieved the success he has been looking for.

When the brave Indian soldiers fight terrorists without looking back at their own families, there are a bunch of people in Kashmir who hail the slain terrorists. They even throw stones at the soldiers while they are in the midst of a battle. There is clearly a major attempt being made in Kashmir to replicate what took place in 1999.

We have said time and again that they are trying to do a Maqbool Bhat with Afzal Guru. Even when Bhatt the founder of the JKLF was hanged in 1984 there was no immediate repercussion.

It all started five years later and turned out to be a major uprising in Kashmir. The passion in Kashmir may not be as high as it used to be in 1999.

However this time around those wanting to make a martyr out of Guru have taken another path and brought the issue to the JNU. There are some ideologically charged up students and there are others who oppose for the sake of it because that is what every teenager does.

What they fail to understand is that by taking out processions hailing Guru, they are only playing into the hands of those who want Kashmir to burn yet again.

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