OMG! When a man said, I am Pregnant, can feel a baby moving inside me

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New Delhi, Feb 11: What if a man says 'I am Pregnant'? Yes, that's exactly what a 52-year-old man from Kozhikode, Kerala said. He believed that he was pregnant and also kept insisting about this to his family.

According to a Zeenews report, "The unnamed man believed he was pregnant! I can feel a baby moving inside me, he said to the utter shock and disbelief of his family, that includes his wife and children.

When a man said I am pregnant!
The 'baby' arrived in their lives some since months back and as any 'pregnant' individual, the 'mom-to-be' soon began to report nausea and vomiting and avoided any form of rigorous work."

Not only did he believe that he was pregnant but he also experienced nausea and vomiting which are believed to be the obvious signs of pregnancy.

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According to a TOI report, " He insisted on bed rest and skipped labour-intensive work. His worried brother brought the patient after he developed nausea and curbed his food intake. During counselling, the man admitted that he "conceived" after being in a homosexual relationship."

The doctors as per the daily's report, the patient was nursing a delusion. The doctoir called it a unusual case and said delusion is a fixed abnormal belief about something.

"We never came across this sort of case before. He was an active homosexual in his adolescent years which may contributed to his beliefs. But, his homosexuality did not affect his marriage.Usually , we see couvade syndrome in some dads-to-be who show certain symptoms of pregnancy (like nausea, weight gain or sleep problems) when their partners get pregnant," the doctor further said as per the daily.

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