No fuel to bikers not wearing helmets in Lucknow

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Not long ago, if two-wheeler riders did not have a helmet, all they had to worry about was a challan from the traffic police or worse get their vehicles impounded, and in most cities not even that. Then came the rule now being implemented in major cities where the pillion rider too had to wear a helmet if they did not wish to get a fined.

No fuel to bikers not wearing helmets in Lucknow

But now, along with these, motorcyclists without helmets will be refused fuel at petrol pumps in Lucknow. Earlier states such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal had introduced similar rules but had to withdraw them later.

The policy has been initiated by SSP Deepak Kumar, who met the Lucknow Petrol Pump Dealers' Association on Wednesday and discussed the implementation of the rule from May 21.

He is reported to have said that there are approximately 180 to 200 pumps in Lucknow and all the station house officers (SHO) have been directed to explain to the staff of these pumps, for a trial run of three days, on how to behave with the bikers without helmets and help counsel them of the dangers of not wearing them. Repeat offenders are to be dealt with under the law and are not to be provided fuel.

Talking about the challenges that such a move might give rise to, he told a leading national newspaper that adequate force will be provided to pumps and that CCTV cameras at petrol pumps would help ensure that the rule is properly enforced.

And Lucknow Petrol Pumps Association president Ranjit Kumar reportedly told the same newspaper, that the association has decided to make posters and symbols to create awareness about wearing helmets at the pumps under the association and help make sure that the rule is implemented strictly across the city.

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