NIA visits Pathankot to solve mystery of two missing terrorists

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New Delhi, Feb 10: A team of the National Investigating Agency will be visiting the Pathankot air force base to unravel the mystery behind the two missing terrorists. The team led by the NIA chief, Sharad Kumar will be in Pathankot to carry out fresh inspection of the site to solve a mystery regarding the number of terrorists.

As per the original version, there were six terrorists. While four terrorists had been killed and their bodies too had been found. In the second encounter that lasted 30 hours, it was said that two more terrorists had died. The bodies had not been recovered and it was said that only the charred remains had been found.

NIA visits Pathankot to solve mystery of two missing terrorists.
Solving the mystery:

While the NIA has managed to recover four AK-47 rifles and three pistols the weapons of the other two terrorists has not been recovered. The question is whether the rifles had melted due to the fire. Highly unlikely since an iron cot was found intact.

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The investigations that are being conducted would suggest that the the recovery of weapons took place from the first encounter site. That means investigators have managed to recover four assault rifles and three pistols from the four terrorists who were involved in the first half of the encounter. There has been no recovery from the second encounter which according to the security forces had lasted over 24 hours.

There are questions that are being raised by the investigators in the wake of this. What happened to the clothing of the two other terrorists. During the recovery bed sheets had been found, but the military clothing was missing. This question would be answered by the forensic report.

There could be a possibility of the entire clothing being burnt during the encounter. The ashes have been sent for forensic examination. The NIA would have to wait for the report to solve this mystery.

Further the NIA will also look to recover the weapons from the second encounter site. If the NIA is unable to solve this mystery, then it would appear that there were four and not six terrorists.

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