Netaji Bose: What the de-classified files have revealed

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New Delhi, Sept 18: The 64 files running into over 12,000 pages relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose which were de-classified today make various references suggesting that he was alive after 1945.

While there are several references that suggest that Netaji may have been alive after 1945, there is not much substance in the files.

Netaji Bose: What the de-classified files have revealed.
For instance one of the files contains a letter written by Lilly Abegg, a Swiss journalist to Netaji's elder brother, Sarat Chandra Bose. She says in the letter written on December 9 1949 that according to a source in Japan, Netaji was alive in 1946.

Netaji was believed to have died in a plane crash on August 19 1945. However several researchers and Netaji's family members have disputed the claim and believe that he was alive after 1945.

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Referrences made to Netaji being alive after 1945:

File number 10 that makes a reference to the possibility that Netaji was alive after 1945 was also de-classified today. This file contains a letter written by Chou Hriang-Kuang, who was an officer in the publication division of the Union information and broadcasting ministry. In the letter written to Amiya Bose in 1948, the nephew of Netaji, it is stated, " I believe he is still alive."

Files on snooping:

However a majority of the files that were released today speak about the surveillance that Netaji's family was under. The files also speak about surveillance on the personnel of the Indian National Army.
The surveillance of Netaji's family has become a bone of contention with several persons alleging that each and every letter that was received was opened and checked.

Some of the letters that were opened and checked included the ones that were written by Emilie Schenkl, wife of Netaji. She had written letters to Sarat Bose which had also come under the scanner of the Intelligence Bureau.

The family members of Netaji today said that they would meet with the Prime Minister and raise the issue of snooping. It was said earlier today that it goes beyond their understanding as to why there was so much snooping on the family members of Bose.

The files that were de-classified today clearly suggest that the family of Netaji Bose was snooped upon. The files give an in-depth understanding of how nearly 14 Intelligence Bureau officials were deputed only to snoop on the family of Netaji Bose.

The files suggest that even after independence there the family members were snooped upon. This point led to some angry reactions by the family who questioned the need for such extensive snooping. The state of West Bengal was under the rule of the Congress till 1967.

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