Narendra Modi: Success of one must propel growth of many

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New Delhi, Jan 17: Second edition of flagship conference on foreign policy Raisina Dialogue opened with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's inaugural address at New Delhi. PM began his address by welcomeing former president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, former prime minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Stephen Harper and other guests.

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PM Modi talked about change India is witnessing, he said, "In May 2014, people of India ushered in a New Normal. My fellow Indians spoke in one voice to entrust my Government with a mandate for change. Every day at work, my 'to do list' is guided by the constant drive to reform and transform India, for prosperity & security of all Indians. and
PM then said, "The world needs India's sustained rise, as much as India needs the world."

PM then talked about how transformaton of India is not divorced from its external context. He said our desire to change our country has an indivisible link with external world. Modi also said, "It is only natural that India's choices at home and our international priorities form part of a seamless continuum."

PM on modern day world:

"For multiple reasons and at multiple levels, the world is going through profound changes. Institutions and architectures built for a different world seem outdated, posing a barrier to effective multilateralism."

"The multi-polarity of the world, and an increasingly multi-polar Asia, is a dominant fact today. And, we welcome it."

"The crucial question is: how do nations act in a situation where the frames of reference are shifting rapidly?"

Asserting that security of citizens is of paramount importance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that non-state actors were contributing significantly to challenges faced by India. PM also said that the world needs India to rise in a sustained manner.

The Prime Minister said that India's economic and political rise is the key to stability and growth in the sub-continent.

Our economic and political rise represents a regional and global opportunity of great significance. 

PM on the Neighbourhood First approach: 

A thriving, well-connected and integrated neighbourhood is my dream. He also added that Over the past two and half years, we have given a strong momentum to our engagement with US, Russia, Japan and other major global powers. With the US, PM said our actions have brought speed, substance and strength to the entire spectrum of economic, commercial, and security engagements. 

PM on relations with Pakistan said that, India alone can not walk the path of peace. It also has to be Pakistan's journey to make. He further added, "'sensitivity' and respect for 'core concerns' was the key for a healthy relationship between two neighbouring countries."

He had also said that, "Pakistan must walk away from terror if it wants to walk towards dialogue with India."

PM on relations with the Gulf said "We have not just focused on altering the perception. We have changed the ground reality of our ties."

Modi on relations with China: "I see the rise of India and China as an unprecedented economic opportunity for our two countries and for the whole world."

PM spoke of the compelling logic of connectivity for peace and prosperity:

PM said it cannot override the sovereignty of other nations.The people of South Asia are joined by blood, shared history, culture, and aspirations, PM had added.

In the last two and half years, we have partnered with almost all our neighbours to bring the region together. My vision for our neighbourhood puts premium on peaceful and harmonious ties with entire South Asia.

PM had also said that vision had led me to invite leaders of all SAARC nations, including Pakistan, for my swearing in.

PM on shaping the global agenda:

PM said, "True to our traditions, we have shouldered the international burden of our commitments." He added that, Our belief in delinking terrorism from religion, and rejecting artificial dist'ns between good and bad terrorism, are now a global talking point."

PM cited Rig Veda as guidance in connecting the world: "Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions". PM concluded by saying that, "With resolute steps at home and expanding network of friends abroad, we will grasp the promise of the future."

Modi also mentioned that India holds the belief that success of one must propel the growth of many.

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