Narendra Modi questions Chavan's candidature, slams Rahul Gandhi

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Narendra Modi
Mumbai, March 30: Continuing his massive campaign across the country ahead of Lok Sabha election, Narendra Modi on Sunday, March 30 reached Amravati, Maharashtra to address his first rally of the day. The prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been scheduled to address five rallies on Sunday.

Schedule of Modi rallies in Karnataka and Maharashtra on March 30:

Time                  Place
10.00 AM      Amravati (Maharashtra)
11.30 AM      Akola (Maharashtra)
01.15 PM      Nanded (Maharashtra)
03.30 PM      Bijapur (Karnataka)
05.30 PM      Gokak (Karnataka)

Highlights: Modi speech at Nanded

  • Those who have looted the nation cannot escape this tsunami. This time the people are fighting the elections
  • In the history of India never have so many parties come together to defeat Modi. They are troubled- after 16th May they know their place
  • In Delhi Shahzada had said you wont compromise with corruption. You said there will be probe against Ashok Chavan
  • Was giving a ticket your investigation? Congress says law allows him to...shameless...what Adarsh candidates they have
  • Adarsh shows the attitude of Congress towards our heroes and our armed forces
  • We stand for clean politics. I assure nation from this pure land- we will put special courts for those facing cases & punish guilty
  • Guilty will be punished. I do not care which party he or she belongs to. Parties wont have to compromise on tickets
  • Should black money come back or not. Every single paisa must be brought back
  • Those who have black money naturally don't want black money to come. India demands black money return
  • Congress will not bring black money because they know who the money belongs to. This money will be for the poor
  • Mr. Chidambaram please answer the nation on the Nirbhaya Fund
  • Let Marathwada script history and punish those who ruined and looted the nation

Highlights: Modi speech at Akola

  • You have made Akola Congress free and now you have to make India also Congress free
  • UPA is in power for 10 years, Congress-NCP is in power here. But has anything good happened for you
  • 10 years is not a small period. Yet, if there is no change in your who is responsible
  • If you want freedom from your troubles then you make to make India Congress Mukt
  • State of Cotton farmers in Akola : Farmers lose money, they suicide, In Gujarat, they prosper
  • I am still not able to understand why the ban on cotton export was put. Farmers suffered immense losses
  • Cotton export is banned but mutton export is subsidized. Such is the Government in Delhi
  • Lal Bahadur Shatri's slogan 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kishan' has been changed. For Congress, it's -- Mar Jawan, Mar Kishan. Congress is concerned only about its own profit
  • Congress Manifesto is not a Ghoshna Patra but a Dhokha Patra

Highlights: Modi speech at Amravati

  • Let us have an NCP free India and Maharashtra
  • Balasaheb Thackeray lives on in our hearts. Lets fulfill his dream of a Congress free Maharashtra and India
  • Be it unemployment or farmers, Congress is just not bothered
  • These people in Cong don't know what poverty is. Does shahzada (Rahul Gandhi) know pain of sleeping without shelter on cold nights?
  • These elections are a fight for good governance. After May 16 there will be a time for good governance
  • Rahul Gandhi says the Gujarat balloon will burst but he came in 2007, 2012 and the people of Gujarat sided with truth
  • Rajiv Gandhi foundation found Gujarat development model to be most developed, will Rahul Gandhi now question its chairperson Sonia Gandhi?
  • Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has time to talk on cricket but not for the dying farmers
  • Modi slammed Congress-led UPA government. He said, those, who looted the nation, know where their place will be post polls

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