Narendra Modi questions Akhilesh over women's safety in UP

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Ghaziabad, Feb 8: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday hit out at Samajwadi Party and UP CM Askhilesh Yadav and said: "When Akhilesh Yadav became CM, we thought there would be development in UP but you have destroyed the state in five years."

"Today, in Uttar Pradesh, after the sun sets, can a woman step outside confidently on the streets?," asked Modi while addressing a rally here.

Narendra Modi slams Akhilesh in UP

Modi questioned Akhilesh and asked: "Despite so many women from your family being ministers, what's the reason that in UP no woman is safe. If one's intentions are clear, it's not difficult to bring law and order to Uttar Pradesh. Rapes, murders in Uttar Pradesh are unaccounted for. SP is neither worried, nor do they consider it their responsibility."

Modi, tearing into SP, said that the party has been sheltering criminals in Uttar Pradesh. "SP has filled governance with casteism. People's rights have been snatched away," he said.

Modi said that Uttar Pradesh can be the top state in the country, if the right government is formed. Raking the demonetisation issue, Modi said: "Some people are facing problem because of my fight against black money and corruption, even after so many days they still talk about it."

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