'Nabakalebara' from Odisha recreated for Durga Puja

Posted By: PTI
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New Delhi, Oct 18: Following various 'Theme Puja' concept in vogue in Kolkata, Durga Pujas in the national capital have come forward with innovative ideas like the recreation of the 'Nabakalebara' from Odisha besides depictions of rural Bengal.

"At our Puja Pandal we are depicting the pristine, untouched beauty of rural Bengal. The theme is 'Gram Bangla'. The theme blends seamlessly into the wide green field where the Durga puja takes place," says Kumardeep Banerjee, President, Vasundhara Enclave Puja.


"The main mandap, or the place where the deity will be seated is designed like farmer's hut. The colour themes and lights have been moderated to display the spartan joys of simple life," says Banerjee.

The idol of Goddess Durga will be given a special look due to the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Vasundhara Enclave Durga Puja.

The idol of Goddess Durga and her family is adorned with the 'Noihati Saaj', a form of bespoke decoration prevalent in Noihaaati area of West Bengal.

The organisers claim that 70 per cent of the material which is used is bio-degradable and non-hazardous. Eco-friendly gunny bags, Bamboo, coir mats, coir ropes etc are used for the construction of the pandals.

"Since the theme for this year's Puja is 'Rural Bengal,' materials like eco friendly gunny bags, bamboo, coir mats, and coir ropes are used for construction. Minimal use of hazardous polluting colours both for the main structure i.e the pandal as well as for the deity is used," says Banerjee Based on the traditional 'Nabakalebara' of Odisha, which marks the reunion of the Lord Jagannath and his siblings Balabhadra and Subhadra of Puri, Milani Puja in Mayur Vihar is trying to recreate the entire event this Durga Puja.

The event includes the changing of the idols every 19-20 years and is followed by strict protocols scripted in Sanskrit on palm leaves kept in the temple.

The ritual takes place only in that particular year when the month Ashada (June-July) happens to be an intercalary month (Double Asadha or two months of Asadha), which means when one lunar month of Ashadha is followed by another lunar month of Aashadha.

The organisers of Milani Puja are making raths for Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra.

Alongside, their idols are being made of 'Sola', a natural thermacol like material extracted from trees.


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