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Mooing of cows kills Pathogen in air, its horns absorb cosmic energy: Rajasthan HC

By Vicky
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On Wednesday the Rajasthan High Court ordered the Central Government to declare Cow as the National Animal. The order by Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma made some interesting points which we list here for you.

It may be recalled that Justice Sharma while speaking to reporters had also said that the peacock is celibate. He said that it is the tears of the peacock is what makes the peahen pregnant.

Mooing of cows kills Pathogen in air, its horns absorb cosmic energy: Rajasthan HC

Justice Sharma made 10 interesting observations in his order before he retired on Wednesday.

Here are the observations:

1. The cow, through its horns, absorbs "cosmic" energy.

2. Mooing of cow kills the pathogens in the air.

3. Cow is the only living being which intakes oxygen and emits oxygen and the animal is a hospital in itself.

4. Cow urine keeps the liver, heart and mind healthy, and increases the immunity of the body. It also slows down ageing

5. Drinking cow urine rids one of sins of the previous life.

6. According to a Russian scientist, coating the walls of the house with cow dung will protect the inhabitants from radiation.

7. 33 crore gods and goddesses reside inside the cow and the animal appeared along with goddess Laxmi during the churning of ocean in Hindu mythology.

8. Consumption of cow milk prevents cancer from entering the blood cells.

9. Cow dung known to have killed cholera germs. Cow dung can generate 4,500 litres of biogas every year. If biogas is generated from the cow dung of all cow progeny in the country, the country can save 6.80 lakh tonnes of firewood and save 14 crore trees from being cut.

10. Cow is the only mammal whose large intestine is 180 feet long because of which the cow milk has Kerotin which produces vitamin A in human bodies.

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