Udhampur terror attack: Mohammad Naved pleads NIA, says "let me go back"

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New Delhi, Aug 17: When Mohammad Naved was arrested, we had compared the uncanny similarity he had with Ajmal Kasab.

Now, here is something that Naved has said which was exactly what Kasab had told the police when he was being questioned in connection with the 26/11 attack.


Naved tells the National Investigating Agency that he wants to go back to Pakistan and kill members of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba as he felt cheated by them.

Kasab on the other hand had told the police that if they give him some money he would go and kill members of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. One makes a statement in despair that he has been cheated by his handlers while the other only showed that he would do anything for money.

'I would be blessed if I killed Hindus'

Mohammad Naved, who was administered a drug prior to the Udhampur attack tells the NIA that he feels violated and cheated by the Lashkar.

They used me and ruined me and not once did I think I would end up this way. I was told that I would be blessed if I killed Hindus in Kashmir, but today look where I have landed up, he also tells the NIA.

Is this where I am going to remain all my life?, Naved asks the officials.

"Please let me go back to Pakistan and kill all those who brought me into the Lashkar," Naved further states before the NIA.

The NIA officials are however not moved and say that he is just throwing his hat in the ring. He thinks he can get away by telling us all this.

And what did Kasab say...

Kasab on the other hand, appeared to mock his investigators. He was asked clearly why he embarked upon such a mission.

He told them he wanted to wear jeans, lead the good life and did all this for money. He was then asked, "so will you kill if someone gives you money?"

To this Kasab immediately replied, "if you give me money, I will go to Pakistan and kill people."

He did invite laughter among his investigators at that time, who felt he was just being stupid.

Kasab, Naved and the Lashkar's dream merchants:

Kasab's father was a food vendor on the street. It was quite easy to trap Kasab who always dreamt of leading a good life.

Once when his father refused to buy him new clothes on Eid, Kasab decided that he would fend for himself. He became an easy prey to the Lashkar. [Mohamad Naved was on a "high" during Udhampur attack] 

Naved too, was in a similar situation. He was not doing much with his life and was spotted by a Maulvi in a Mosque. From here, began a journey into the world of terror.

Naved was offered Rs 50,000, but claims that the money never reached him. All the money was kept by his handler who assured to pay him once he completed the task.

When the NIA officer told Naved, was he aware that he was sent to die, he said that he became aware of that when Noman died. They have cheated me by selling dreams and today I want to kill them all, Naved also says in NIA custody.

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