Modi targeting Muslims indirectly says Al-Qaeda

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Bengaluru, May 4: The Indian Intelligence Bureau officials are verifying a video message put up by the Al-Qaeda in the Indian Sub-Continent (AQIS) in which references to Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been made.

The AQIS, in a video,  sends out a message mentioning Narendra Modi and says that the Indian Prime Minister is waging a war against the Muslims through the World Bank and policies of the IMF.

Narendra Modi

Furthermore, the video also speaks about the Charlie Hebdo attack and the killing of blogger Avjit Roy. While these seem to be desperate attempts by the AQIS to gain some attention as none seem to be giving them any, Intelligence Bureau officials tell Oneindia that an attempt to polarize is being made.

Modi is targeting Muslims indirectly says AQIS:

The message through video supposedly has the voice of the AQIS chief, Asim Umar who is holed up in Afghanistan. He says in this video message titled From France to Bangladesh, the dust shall never settle down," that Modi is targeting the Muslims indirectly.

"There is an ongoing war against the Muslims across the world. The war is being fought through the World Bank, IMF policies, Charlie Hebdo and drone strikes. Umar, in the video posted on the Al-Qaeda's media outlet As-Shahab, also speaks about the statements made by various Hindu leaders targeting the Muslims. The video also says that some of the remarks made by Modi also aims at targeting Muslims.

AQIS marking its territory:

It is clear that the AQIS , which has never really taken off ever since it announced operations in the sub-continent last year, is trying to mark its territory. Claiming responsibility for the killing of blogger Avjit Roy is an attempt to polarize the radicals in Bangladesh.

There is a war that has already been launched by the Jammat-e-Islami in Bangladesh against the Awami League, which has been accused of being close to India and liberal in its approach. Roy, a blogger, who had questioned the radicals paid with his life.

The video's mentioning of Charlie Hebdo is also another attempt to gain the attention of the Muslims and virtually gives a war cry to fight against anyone who questions the religion. If one looks at the Burdwan blast investigation it is a clear indicator that the Jammat was trying to team up with the radical forces and constructing a Greater Bangladesh, which would include West Bengal and Assam.

AQIS has videos and no people:

The AQIS is making one last ditch attempt at being important in the region. While there was a lot of talk when it began operations in October 2014, the outfit never really took off.

Recently a claim by the Taliban in Afghanistan cleared out the air regarding the AQIS and it had said that there is no one fighting for them as most of them have either left for their homes or joined the Yemen war.

The Al-Qaeda, which has been seeing a great deal of success in Yemen feels it could replicate the same in Afghanistan. It faces competition from the Tehrik-e-Taliban and the Al-Khorasan the ISIS wing in Afghanistan.

For the AQIS such propaganda is extremely important as it aims at garnering support from the radicals. Charlie Hebdo, Modi among other names are all catch phrases and the AQIS feels that it could dish out support and polarize the Muslims especially in India.

Intelligence Bureau officials however say that the Indian Muslims has not leaned towards the AQIS or the ISIS. While there have been a couple of cases where Indians have joined the ISIS, in the case of AQIS there have been no takers.

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