MI2Watch: Unique 3D bird detection radar to be launched

By: Oneindia Defence Desk
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AFS Yelahanka (Bengaluru), Feb 15: The 10th edition of Aero India is set to witness the launch of a bird detection radar, developed by Gurgoan-based OIS Advanced Technologies (OIS-AT), part of the OIS Group.

Sanjay Bhandari, CMD, OIS-AT, said that the radar is targeted for aviation safety of both military and civilian airports.

3D bird detection radar to be launched

"Our 3D Bird Detection, Tracking and Monitoring and Deterrence Radar System has an impressive deterrence option. It uses a directed bio-acoustics (sound) and an eye-safe laser, both of which are automatically controlled by the radar system," Bhandai said.

The company claims that it is the world's first true 3D bird detection radar system.

He said the company is participating at the show under ‘Make in India' banner.

"We are having a global launch of four advanced technology dual-use radar systems on February 19 at the show. Under development and manufacture for a number of years, each system fulfils a unique user requirement," says Bhandari.

A breakthrough for the Indian Aerospace and Defence sector, these advanced radar systems are designed, developed and manufactured entirely by OIS-AT.

The four advanced surveillance radar systems leverage advanced technology developments that are under patent filings.

Can detect a bird 11 km away

Bhandari said the bird detection radar has been designed very humane way. "No harm is done to the bird, while it is being chased away. It can identify a bird 11 km away and at a height of 2 km," he said.

3D bird detection radar to be launched

OIS-AT has participated in a global tender being floated by the Indian Air Force (IAF) for the procurement of 45 bird detection radar. There are four companies in the fray and the IAF is expected to announce the winning bidder soon.

The company officials say that their radar can operate at airports with multiple runways. They said the bird detection radar underwent extensive trials with the IAF.

"Through our global launch we will be taking the ‘Make in India' concept to the world. I am sure this is just a beginning and we will continue to blaze new trails in manufacturing newer, more innovative products for India and world markets," Bhandari added.

UAV detection radar

During Aero India, OIS-AT is also launching the 3D Multi-function, Multi-mode UAV Detection and Tracking and Air Surveillance Radar System.

The radar system can be automatically tuned for detecting UAVs or high speed fighters and helicopters with just a click.

"Unlike most air surveillance radars today, it includes a unique sense-and-avoid feature to identify UAVs that may be on a collision course, allowing the controller to take remedial action," a company official said.

3D bird detection radar to be launched

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