Meet this 6 year old with a long tail, worshipped as Lord Hanuman

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Uttar Pradesh, April 16: Meet this 6 year old boy in an unidentified location in Uttar Pradesh who has a 12-inch long braid of hair on his back that resembles a tail.

Considered a miracle boy, he is worshipped as a re-incarnation of Lord Hanuman.


The family members say that Amar Singh was born with a patch of air, which has been growing since then. The family refuses to shave off the hair as they consider it a 'gift of God'.

However, little do they know that this is a disability called Spina bifida (split spine) that may lead to paralysis and learning difficulties in the long run.

This is a rare scenario which happens when the bones of the spine do not form properly around the baby's spinal cord. The hair needs to be removed surgically.

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