Manipur attack on army: Three points to ponder over

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Imphal, June 6: There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from Thursday's attack at Manipur in which 18 soldiers lost their lives. The basic points that need to be considered in this attack are- China's alleged involvement, Intelligence failure and the ties with Myanmar.

It is increasingly becoming clear that the attack was a result of clear intelligence failure and also the fact that one of the leaders of this terrorist group which carried out the attacks is hiding in China.


The Chinese connection:

Sources tell OneIndia that some militants of North East have taken shelter in China. These militants are roped in by China to further their agenda in the North East. Take the case of Paresh Baruah, the commander in chief of the ULFA. He has been in China's Yunan province since the past many years.

The movements of Baruah have been tracked several times in China. He has got a safe haven out there. He has ensured that there is a smooth supply of arms and funds coming in from China into the North Eastern states.

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Intelligence failure:

Investigations being conducted into the incident suggest that there was intelligence failure. The attackers managed to go about the killings with much ease. Moreover the fact that none of the terrorists were either injured or killed in the incident shows that they were one up on the army.

There were instances of general alerts ever since the army began combing the area and busting the hideouts of these militants. However the planning of such a big attack was not at all known to the intelligence agencies thus suggesting that the terrorists managed to get the better of the army.

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Both the Research and Analysis Wing and the Intelligence Bureau say that they had warned that such an attack could take place. In the past 15 days, there was extensive movement of the militants and this was sounded off to the army's intelligence wing, the R&AW and IB say. However the army intelligence wing had ignored the alerts, the IB says.

Investigations would also show that the army convoy was on the open road. This is not as per standard operating procedure, officials say. The convoy was on the open road and this made it easier for the militants to hit them with a rocket propelled grenades.

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Deal with Myanmar:

The militants were clearly taking shelter in Myanmar investigations have revealed. Militant have found a safe hiding spot in the very dense forests in Myanmar's Kachin state and the Saigang division which is bordering the North Eastern states of India.

This is an area which is completely under the control of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) which has been accused of training the ULFA. This particular area is considered to be a no man's land and is completely out of the control of Myanmar. The country has not managed to gain control over these areas which has made it a safe haven for the NFDB (S).

The government in Myanmar has not been effective in dealing with the KIA. In order to get into these dense forests and carry out an operation the army needs the logistic support from locals which is complete absent in these areas thanks to it being controlled by the KIA.

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