Maneka Gandhi releases Draft Trafficking of Persons Bill

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Union Minister Maneka Gandhi released Draft Trafficking of Persons (Prevention,Protection & Rehabilitation) Bill, 2016 today. While releasing the draft she informed that human trafficking is the third biggest organised crime.

The Union Minister while releasing the new draft bill said that it takes into account various aspects of trafficking and its punishments as defined as per Indian Penal Code.

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The goals:

The overall objective of the new draft Bill on Trafficking are to prevent trafficking of persons, to provide protection and rehabilitation to the victims of trafficking, and to create a legal, economic and social environment against trafficking of persons and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Salient features:

The proposed draft bill has taken in to account the various aspects of trafficking and its punishments as defined in Section 370-373 of Indian Penal Code, 1860. These are briefly outlined as under:

Section 370: Trafficking of persons: offence and its punishment
Section 370 A: Exploitation of a trafficked person
Section 371: Habitual dealing in slaves
Section 372: Selling minor for purpose of prostitution, etc.
Section 373: Buying minor for purposes of prostitution etc.

New provisions introduced:

The new offences or provisions included in the draft bill are:

  1. Prohibition on disclosure of identity of the victim of trafficking and witness
  2. Penal provision for the use of narcotic drug or psychotropic substance or alcohol for the purpose of trafficking
  3. Penal provision for the use of chemical substance or hormones for the purpose of exploitation
  4. Registration of placement agencies

The draft bill can be read here.

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