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Make a difference: A small contribution from you can feed an entire family at Soda, Rajasthan

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New Delhi, May 28: These are difficult times. The outbreak of the pandemic has given us enough challenges. Coupled with this is the heatwave and the locust attacks, which has left several parts of the country reeling.

Rural India needs our support as the villagers have been hit the hardest. The problem is no different at the Soda village in Rajasthan. The former Sarpanch of the Soda village, Chavvi Rajawat has come up with an innovative idea through which we are accorded an opportunity to adopt one family in the village.

Make a difference: A small contribution from you can feed an entire family at Soda, Rajasthan

Rajawat, with his innovative ideas was also the first sarpanch with a business management degree in the country. Under her leadership, Soda has undergone a transformation. She is now raising funds to ensure the survival of 900 households.

OneIndia caught up with Chavvi to find out more.

Given the current situation, I would say that rural India is not the best place to be in right now. As we know that there are limited resources in terms of income. The heat wave, the pandemic, water scarcity etc, all add up to the problem. How do the locals survive asks Rajawat.

I am attached to the village always. My family has given me and inclusive upbringing and I never thought a village was different. Even, while growing up, I used to have my breakfast at my grandfather's house and step out into the village. I would return only by evening, she further adds.

You can watch the interview with Chavvi Rajawat here:

Adopt a family at Soda: Here is how you can do it:

In case of any queries, you could send an email at villagesoda@gmail.com

On the initiative to support 900 families, Chavvi says that the villagers of Soda are determined to move themselves out of poverty and build a better future for themselves. We realise that the heatwave is critical. Water is a basic resource for both human and animal survival. The situation in June and July becomes even more critical and COVID-19 has made it even more difficult.

It is in this context that we decided to come up with this idea. We spoke to the villagers, who said that Rs 3,000 a month would be sufficient for their survival. It is with this thought that we decided that we will go ahead with this relief to ensure that their stress levels come down, Rajawat further adds.

She also says that so far 140 families have been adopted. We are empathetic and happy about this. In order to make a donation one would need to visit villagesoda.org and click on donate. On the next page, you can make a donation. The organisation is registered under 80G and receipts will be emailed to the donors. Eventually the photographs of the aid being given to the beneficiary will be shared as well, Rajawat says. The campaign began on April 10 2020 and would end on July 30 2020.

On how the 900 families have been identified, Rajawat says that there is a vast majority that does not own land. The medium and small farmers never make profits and they only manage to survive for the rest of the year. We have started with the landless and the poorest of the poor. These are the people who are normally left out. It is the weakest section of society, where we have started with. There are also the banjaras, who cannot move and they too need urgent help, Rajawat explains.

Coupled with this there are emotional challenges as well. Individuals need emotional support. The people have come forward and been empathetic and tis itself is extremely helpful. This is the only step forward and when the villagers are happy when they know that there are people to look after them. The farmer has to feel comfortable and only if the are comforted, will we have raw material says Rajawat.

It is not only the responsibility of the government. We have to recognise our responsibility as well towards are co-fellows. If we have to take our country forward, we need to go past the pettiness, Rajawat further adds.

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