Another salvo at Modi Govt: Now VHP uses Kareena Kapoor's photo to spread 'love Jihad' campaign

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New Delhi, Jan 8: At a time when incumbent Government is already under fire for not speaking openly against fringe elements for their loose canon approach, this news will further invite criticism from various quarters.

Reportedly young women's wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Durga Vahini has launched a fresh campaign in support of Ghar Wapsi campaign, which recently created uproar.

Kareena, face of Ghar Wapsi campaign?

Apparently, for giving strong message to Hindu girls, Vahini 's latest edition of magazine Himalaya Dhwani, used Bollowood star Kareena Kapoor 's image with her morphed face half covered with a naqab (veil).

A strap underneath the cover photo reads, "Dharmaantaran se Rashtraantaran".

Defending the move, Rajni Thukral who is magazine's northern India regional coordinator writes in the editorial, "There has been much debate on love jihad and conversions. The nation was divided and Pakistan was created because of conversions. If a girl gets caught in Love Jihad and becomes Muslim by mistake and now wants to return to her original faith, isn't it her right? It's strange that some parties claiming to be secular call this conversion".

Sources say that Kareena Kapoor's husband Saif Ali khan has condemned the move. After courtship of five years, both Kareena and Saif got married in 2012.

It seems anti-conversion rhetoric preached by various Hindu groups will jeopardize good governance philosophy of the Modi Government.

Though personally Prime Minister is not at all happy with this hyperbole approach by RSS and other affiliates, but his silence is being considered as his assent to these misdemeanors. Experts believe that Government must defang these elements to achieve much talked about inclusive policy.

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