Like Britain, India too needs to have more spies

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New Delhi, Nov 17: India will take a cue from Britain and will better its human intelligence capabilities. Currently the Indian Intelligence Bureau is under-staffed and with the number of radical elements on the rise, it becomes extremely difficult to man the activities of terrorist groups especially that of the ISIS.

Britain announced that it would increase its intelligence agency staff by 15 per cent. British Prime Minister, David Cameron announced that the increase was necessary in the wake of the growing number of plots against UK and the attacks in Paris, Tunisia and elsewhere.

India too needs to have more spies

UK has said that it will fund an extra 1,900 officers at its MI5 and MI6 spy agencies and the GCHQ eavesdropping agency.

India needs more officers

The advent of the ISIS has made the internet a busy place. There is constant chatter and operatives are using all sorts of tactics to put the point across.

While there are many areas that the Indian Intelligence Bureau officials have managed to crack, there are still some platforms through which chatter takes place and it is extremely difficult to track. For instance communication through the Playstation 4 has been difficult to crack or intercept.

However in the case of India, the immediate problem is that the intelligence bureau is heavily understaffed. Moreover the Intelligence Bureau has other tasks too and the entire force cannot be dedicated to fighting online activities alone.

There is a need to add at least 1,200 to 1,500 officials more to the force. In addition to this there is also a need to have more public participation in such cases, the officer also adds.

The IB also says that there is a need for more public participation in such issues. If suspicious activity is reported by the public, then it is easier to track and trap, the officer also adds.

However, the only problem is that in such cases there is always a lurking danger of false information being given out. There are some persons who report people with whom they would have a personal problem. In such cases it is necessary to act with responsibility and report only the genuine cases, the officer also adds.

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