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Know why Nov 14, 1962 was an important date for Jawaharlal Nehru

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New Delhi, Nov 14: Only a few people know that apart from being his birthday, Nov 14, 1962 was a very important day in India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's life. It was date when the Parliament in 1962 was scheduled to pass a resolution to get back the part of Indian territory occupied by China.

Why was Nov 14, 1962 important for Nehru?

The resolution was tabled on the floor of the Lok Sabha on Nov 8, 1962. The then Prime Minister tabled the resolution to retrieve Aksai Chin occupied by Chinese aggression during 1962 war.

Jawaharlal Nehru (file photo)
The resolution said, "This House notes with deep regret that, in spite of the uniform gestures of goodwill and friendship by India towards the People's Government of China on the basis of recognition of each other's independence, non-aggression and non-interference, and peaceful co-existence, China has betrayed this goodwill and friendship and the principles of Panchsheel which had been agreed to between the two countries and has committed aggression and initiated a massive invasion of India by her armed forces.

"This House places on record its high appreciation of the valiant struggle of man and officers of our armed forces while defending our frontiers and pays its respectful homage to the martyrs who have laid down their lives in defending the honour and integrity of our motherland.

The flame of liberty and sacrifice has been kindled anew and a fresh dedication has taken place to the cause of India's freedom and integrity.

"This House gratefully acknowledges the sympathy and the moral and material support received from a large number of friendly countries in this grim hour of our struggle against aggression and invasion.

"With hope and faith, this House affirms the firm resolve of the Indian people to drive out the aggressor from the sacred soil of India, however long and hard the struggle may be."

India suffered a humiliating defeat at China's hands

The entire nation was under great depression after losing the 1962 war with China. It could be easily understood with the words expressed in the resolution. Speaking over this resolution the Prime Minister said, "I am saddened and amazed to see that China which claims to fight against expansionist powers is itself following their path."

When China betrayed India's trust

While Jawaharlal Nehru was addressing the House on China's betrayal, his speech was stopped in between by Karnal MP Swami Rameshwarnand who, sarcastically said to the PM, "Finally you have recognised China's real face."

Rameshwarnand's statement could be understood with the fact that Nehru had full faith in China. In reply to Rameshwarnand's satire the then PM said, "If honourable member of the House wants he could be sent at the border." This statement from Nehru couldn't be understood by the House.

Pt Nehru continued addressing the House on how China betrayed India's trust when he was again interrupted by senior member of the House HV Kamath. Kamath, too in a sarcastic manner said, "You please continue speaking. We are not going to interrupt you."

Mr Nehru kept on speaking over Chinese aggression and continued narrating about its troop planning and strategies without paying heed to what others were saying. He even lost his cool over comments passed by opposition benches and stopped only after speaking his heart out.

As many as 165 members of the Lower House participated in the discussion over resolution and every one advocated to flush China out of Aksai Chin. Finally, the resolution was passed in the House on Nov 14, 1962 after an emotional discussion.

Later on Dec 22, 1962, in a letter written to all the Chief Ministers of states, Pt Nehru said China's attack on our soil will turned out to be a good out of bad, which never received a support then and now. It has been over five decades since Aksai Chin was annexed by China and is still occupied by PLA troops.

Do you know what is the area of Aksai Chin?

The total area of Aksai Chin occupied by China is 37,244 sq km. Hence, a pertinent question arises will top Indian leaders ever raise this issue to their Chinese counterparts and get Aksai Chin back?

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