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Kerala Love Jihad: They put the fear of hell in us, confessions of the trapped women

By Vicky

As the National Investigation Agency continues with its probe into Love Jihad in Kerala, more women are coming forward and narrating horrific tales of conversion. All these statements which are part of the NIA's case files indicate that it is a systematic approach that has been adopted to lure and trap vulnerable women.

The NIA had said that the case it is probing is not just a one off incident, but there is a systematic plan in place to trap young women into conversion to Islam.

Kerala Love Jihad: They put the fear of hell in us and converted us say women

During the course of the hearing in the Love Jihad case, an affidavit was filed narrating her harrowing experience and on how she was trapped.

They scare you with the fear of hell:

" I am first among the two children of my parents. In college, I had two fellow students Aiysha Farhana, belonging to the Mujahideen sect and Mariam belonging to the Sunni sect. They always would speak about how Hindus worship satans and how it is not a correct religion. Gradually I started believing them and took a favourable approach towards Islam."

"When I was in the first year degree, a friend of mine, Shabnam knew my interest in Islam. She is the person who first sent me a speech of Dr Zakir Naik about hell. After hearing the speech, I lost sleep and there were nights I spent under the blanket trembling. Due to the fear of hell, I went more towards Islam. I believed that Islam was the only way to escape from hell."

" I then started working and during that time I was introduced to a person called Ilahi Noufal. He told me that all true believers were in Yemen. He then asked me If I had a passport. I then applied for a passport. Later I went to Sathyasarani with Noufal and his wife. An affidavit for conversion to Islam was prepared in May 2013."

"I then changed my name to Ayisha. I was taken to the house of SDPI activits, Seens Fasna where I lived. My father then lodged a complaint. He also filed a habeas corpus petition in the Kerala High Court."

Marriage will avoid court case:

" One day a person called Saniaba told me that if I married, I could escape the court case. I said I did not want to marry. I was then produced before the court which advised me to speak to my father and mother. I did not because, I had started believing that those who do not believe in Islam are Kafirs.

My father begged me to come home and said he would even touch my feet. I got angry about it."

"The Sathyasarani people said that parents and relatives will resort to all sort of gimmicks, but I should not change my mind. The court sent me to a hostel. There I decided that i wanted to return home. I lived there for 8 months and then I returned to my original religion."

55 Hindu girls brought for conversion:

Another lady from Kasargod also filed an affidavit before the court. In this the lady says that she was in a class which had 50 students of which 30 were Muslims. They would discuss a book about Islam and once when I tried to touch it, they told me not to.

"I then joined the K S Abdullah English school as a teacher. There the students would openly tell me to convert. One students said, teacher I will give you Rs 7 lakh to convert."

"I then joined the P and M English Medium school. My Muslim colleagues would speak about hell. To escape punishments, the only way was to embrace Islam they would say. I started getting convinced and asked them how to convert."

"I went to to Manuathul Islamic Sabha and converted to Islam. My name was Rahmat. Following this a missing complaint was filed. When I saw my mother my heart melted and I returned to her and became a Hindu again."

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