Kerala: Catholic priest wants 'provocatively dressed women' drowned

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A video of a catholic priest's rant against women's clothing in Kerala has gone viral on the social media. Posted on Facebook by a user on February 25, the video shows the priest calling women sinners for 'enticing men with their clothing' and suggesting that they be tied to rocks and drowned in the sea. The post claims that the video was sourced from Shalom TV but its date of origin is unclear.

The video shows the pastor, during a sermon in Malayalam, pass regressive comments on women and their dressing. "Did Catholic church ask you to wear men's clothes? It is a sin. I see women during masses, they wear jeans, trousers, shirt or T-shirts. They hold mobile phones in their hands and won't even tie their hair. They do this to get attention. I don't know why these "things" come to the church," he is seen saying in the video.

The 'obscene' clothes that the pastor is referring to are jeans, t-shirts and shirts. He accused women of enticing men. "Many men and boys come to me and claim that they see women 'half nude' and they get aroused. They tell me that they then slip into sin. Bible verses say that those who provoke anyone into sin should be drowned in the depths of the sea, with a rock tied to their bodies. If you [women] arouse men, you're the sinner," he claimed in the video.

The video that has now gone viral has received massive backlash.

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