Jailed, acquitted, now a denial: UP police’s flip-flop on donkeys’ detention is simply absurd

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    Uttar Pradesh police jailed eight donkeys for destroying expensive plants | Oneindia News

    Lucknow, Nov 28: Who could be dumber than donkeys? Guess, what? It's the Uttar Pradesh police department. You don't believe us, read the report below.

    The UP police department, targeted for failing to control crime graph in the northern state, has now given us enough evidence as of why its actions are in the line of fire often. Instead of providing security to citizens and arresting criminals, the police department is busy doing the "donkey work", literally.


    First, a few UP cops decide to detain a herd of donkeys for destroying one of the state police stations' expensive plantations. The donkeys were finally released from the police custody on Monday, only after a local politician reportedly intervened in the matter.

    The latest is that after all the media outlets widely reported on the donkeys' detention and release, the UP police department on Tuesday decided to deny the entire episode.

    Yes, the UP police on Tuesday tweeted stating that it "has nothing to do with their (donkeys) arrest or custody".

    In fact, the tweet was addressed to NDTV, asking the popular television news channel to "check its facts" with the UP police officials before reporting on anything to do with the department next time.

    "We request you to check your facts with us next time," stated the UP police's tweet.

    Although, there is a video evidence which shows eight donkeys being released from the custody of Orai district jail after the animals were kept in confinement for a period of four days on Monday, the tweet from the UP police once again proves that cops in the country are not at all ready to take responsibility for their actions, even if that means putting donkeys behind the bars.

    In fact, a policeman speaking to ANI on Monday admitted that the donkeys were detained for feasting on expensive plants and destroying flower pots placed outside the prison gates.

    The animals were held after their owner, Kamlesh, let them loose despite being warned that a senior officer was planning to plant some expensive plants, RK Mishra, the head constable at Orai jail, had told ANI. The plants were reportedly worth Rs 5 lakh.

    "The animals not only ate plants, they ruined the entire garden and injured the children of the colony," jail superintendent Sitaram Sharma told PTI. "We called the owners several times, and each time, they said the animals didn't belong to them."

    The donkeys' owner has a different version to share with the media. Kamlesh said that in spite of repeated requests from him, the policemen at the jail refused to release the animals.

    Finally, Kamlesh managed to get back his donkeys after he sought the help from the local Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shakti Gahoi. On Monday, when Gahoi asked the policemen to release the donkeys, the animals ultimately got their "freedom".

    In the last two days, the UP police department gave us enough fodder to "craugh"--cry and laugh at the same time--with its flip-flop on the entire donkeys' episode.

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