ISIS uploads 2:45 minute audio clip for Bengalis

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New Delhi, Nov 18: Al Hayat, the media platform of the ISIS had an audio message which has been giving Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials sleepless nights.

The message in Bengali titled, "the Caliphate is back," urges youth to join the ISIS.


Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials were quick to trace the origin of the message to Bangladesh.

It was posted by a member of the ISIS from Bangladesh, an intelligence bureau official informed OneIndia.

Targeting recruits in Bengal:

The message, which lasts around 2.45 minutes, urges the youth of Bengal to join the ISIS.

In brief it says that the Caliphate is back and it is necessary that more youth join the outfit in a bid to support and strengthen it.

"The investigations that were conducted managed to trace the message to Bangladesh. It has been posted by a member of the group in Bangladesh," the officer said.

"However, it is not clear who exactly the target audience was. Whether it was the youth of Bangladesh or West Bengal is still not clear," the official added.

"We are keeping a close watch as we do realize that the ISIS has been nurturing plans of commencing operations in Bangladesh," official said.

Currently in Bangladesh, an outfit called the Ansarullah Bangla Team calls the shots and has been responsible for the murder of bloggers. However, this outfit aligns with the al-Qaeda.

While the ABT and the ISIS do not work together, both have a similar agenda and that is to set up an Islamic state. The ISIS has so far failed to make any major inroads in Bangladesh.

Officials said that there have been several attempts made by the ISIS to stamp its foothold in Bangladesh, but attempts so far have failed.

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