ISI's train terror shows how intact its network is

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It may be early days to conclude whether there was a terror link to the derailment of the November, 2016 Patna-Indore Express. However, if the probe establishes that there was an ISI link, then it is an extremely worrying sign as it only suggests that the spy agency's network is intact.

Rescuers and relief works in progress at the site of accident where Patna-Indore Express train derailed near Pukhrayan village in Kanpur Dehat district in this photo taken in November 2016.

The investigations suggest that the handler, Shamsul Huda, is in Dubai. He gets in touch with his men in Nepal who in turned call their stooges in Bihar. The plan is hatched without catching anyone's attention, and is executed.

ISI network lives

The Dubai-Nepal-India connection is not new. It is probably one of the oldest ISI routes. The Dawood syndicate which gives orders out of Dubai uses handlers in Nepal to get the work done in India. The fake currency racket too used the same route after orders came from Dubai.

The Nepal route has been the most preferred for criminals and terrorists. The ISI directs its operatives to land in Nepal after an operation before they are picked up and transported to Pakistan.

Investigations show that this gang which is alleged to have carried out the train derailment was part of the same network that dealt with fake currency.

It was the same boss in Dubai who would instruct his stooges in Nepal, who in turn would their gang in Bihar to circulate fake currency. Clearly, this shows that the network is not just intact, but the fake currency gang is also capable of carrying out a terror attack with ease.

The other aspect that needs to be looked into is that the three persons arrested in Bihar are Hindus. There is no religious tilt to the case and investigations suggest that each of these persons got paid Rs 50,000 to get the job done. The ISI has not only managed to keep its network intact, but also cut across religious and sectarian lines.
Intelligence Bureau officials say that the Nepal operations of the ISI continue to remain intact. It is not doubt worrisome and Nepal would need to do more to wipe out such elements from its soil.

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