Terror Shocker: Now ISIS recruits women from India, trains them how to lay honey traps

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New Delhi, Nov 2: The ISIS is serious about building a formidable force. It's recent release of guidelines for its women operatives is a sign that it seeks not to build a terrorist outfit but a full fledged army.

Recently some women from Hyderabad were picked up from West Bengal and brought back, counselled and let off. When they were questioned, they revealed in detail what exactly their idea was to join the ISIS. The ISIS does not want women in its force for combat.

Questioning details accessed by Oneindia revealed the following:

The lady said, "We felt the need to protect our brothers. We were told that the battle will be a long one and hence we were required to assist them."

"We were offered a range of roles that needed to be played. We were told we could cook for the soldiers. If we were interested we could also be part of an operation where we lay honey traps," she added.

Speaking to Oneindia, the lady also told, "We were also offered a training course in gathering of intelligence once we reached Iraq. However we were told that we will not be roped in for direct combat which means we did not have to use arms."

Women want safety of their friends who joined ISIS:

These women, who left Hyderabad with a bunch of other men who were their friends, told the police that their utmost concern was the safety of their friends.

"We wanted to help them out as we knew the job was tough. In a foreign land they would have felt at ease knowing that we were there to look after them.‎ It was more out of duty than ideology." they told the cops.

ISIS recruitment drives suggest that the dreaded outfit has made a call to rope in more women and the message is the same for India as well.

The questioning and also the information that the NIA has been gathering from global agencies suggest that the ISIS wants to be completely war ready.

What's ISIS's real plan for women?

They need women to cook, become nurses and run the chores in their camps as the men would enter into the battle field.

Women are also being roped in to lay honey traps and collect military intelligence from enemies. It is a complete shift from what the ISIS had earlier proclaimed about a no woman policy.

However, now they find the need to have women and this perception changed after they decided to declare the caliphate.

This is a worrying sign for the agencies in India. They now need to be on alert for women joining the ranks of the ISIS and al-Qaeda who have been posturing themselves as a full fledged military outfit.

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