ISIS prepares kill list of 285 Indian civilians

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New Delhi, June 23: 'O individual wolves out there in the world kill the cross where ever you find it and Kill them strongly, kill them hardly'. This was a chilling message on the private Telegram channel of the ISIS United Cyber Caliphate.

The message is followed by a kill list which comprises 4,681 civilians across the world. In the list one would find 285 Indian names.

ISIS prepares kill list of 285 Indian

None of the names which are part of the kill list are known. They are all civilian names picked up randomly and posted online. At first it is difficult to understand the logic of the ISIS and why it has posted civilian names. However an officer with the Intelligence Bureau explained that this is a tactic to create fear and also a possible way of making a lone wolf attack easy.

Why are civilians on the kill list of the ISIS?
The message by the ISIS is clear. It is making a call for lone wolf attack as their bases in Iraq and Syria are crumbling. Yesterday OneIndia had reported that a fall of the ISIS in Syria will witness a surge in lone wolf attacks (Fall of ISIS in Syria will see increase in lone wolf attacks across the world).

A Flashpoint analysis states that it is unlikely that the ISIS hacked into a data base or handpicked accounts. It appears that the ISIS has just randomly picked names and told its supporters to make them into potential targets.

Officers in India while analysing this new kill list say that it is just a ploy to create fear. Anyone would be scared to find their names on the list. They just want to target civilians and create a sense of panic.

The ISIS also wants to give a call to its lone wolves and is providing a list with easy targets.

One would need to be careful as such material does capture the imagination of many. If these lone wolves target one civilian and owe allegiance to the ISIS, then it is a madness that could spread like wild fire officials also added.

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