ISI paid Riyaz Bhatkal Rs 26 crore to bomb India

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New Delhi, June 16: The ISI had paid Riyaz Bhatkal a whopping sum of Rs 26 crore to carry out blasts in India between, investigations have revealed.

While this huge sum was meant only to carry out blasts in India, Riyaz Bhatkal also got a bungalow in Karachi, Pakistan and security, investigations have also revealed.

ISI paid Bhatkal Rs 26 cr to bomb India

This now appears to be the source of the problem which led to such a major split in the Indian Mujahideen.

Yasin Bhatkal had always complained that he had to do the dirty work on the field while Riyaz and his brother Iqbal enjoyed life in a secure bungalow with their beautiful wives.

Riyaz hardly spent the money:

In this case one needs to compare the investigation conducted on Yasin Bhatkal and also Abdul Siddibappa who was recently deported to India.

Both had similar stories to tell. They both questioned the logic behind giving Riyaz Bhatkal so much money when he hardly spent anything on the blasts.

Riyaz would tell both that the blasts are being carried out for a cause. Yasin and his boys were impressed with such talk. While Siddibappa used to send in money through hawala channels, the rest of the IM cadres in India would raise funds on their own. The IM cadres have indulged in extortions and robberies to raise funds to carry out blasts.

Towards 2011, things turned sour in the IM and most of the operatives had got wind that Riyaz Bhatkal was pocketing the money and making them do the hard work. Some of the operatives including Yasin questioned Riyaz about this.

However Riyaz's brother Iqbal who is known to be short tempered stepped in. In a firm message he told them to stop questioning them. If you question us, you will die, Iqbal told the operatives.

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