Polio back in India? More than 200 samples tested positive to polio-like symptoms

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New Delhi, June 20: If you are really thinking that India is polio free, you may be termed wrong. Reportedly, more than 200 samples have been found positive for similar polio-like symptoms in some districts of Uttar Pradesh.

This has come to fore only a year after when India was declared polio free by the WHO. According to TOI report, samples from the districts, Baheri, Meergunj, Faridpur and Nawabgunj have been sent to Mumbai for further laboratory tests.

Polio back in India?

Reportedly, officials have been complained regarding children(from age 5-15) falling prey of paralysis and loss of muscular strength in their hands and legs.

When asked about the development which is setting alarm bell in the State, Vijay Yadav who is chief medical officer (CMO) said, "We have deputed special teams across the district who are keeping an eye on such cases. Weakness in hands and legs does not essentially mean that the child is suffering from polio.

He further said, "Only if the test report of the stool sample confirms presence of wild polio virus can it be treated as a case of polio. We have received reports of 170 samples from the lab so far and they have been negative. Reports for the remaining are awaited,".

The latest suspected cases of Polio was detected by a team of doctors while they were on visit at primary and community health centres in the affected tehsil. Later they informed WHO officials about the same.

According to WHO rules, a country is being given a particular 'disease free' tag only when suspected cases doesn't reappear again for three successive years. Last case of Polio was detected from West Bengal, where 18-month-old Rukhsar was found affected with the disease.

In UP, the last case of Polio was detected in 2009. Reportedly, total 5,551 samples were collected by WHO in 2015 and sent for lab tests. Maximum out of these samples were found negative for the disease. Latest report says that lab test of 787 samples are still to be done.

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