Interview: Vaisalli Ghosh all excited about 'Off Season Blast - 2014' in Goa

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Gear up for the off season blast in Goa
"To take the music to every soul that has music in it", says Vaisalli Ghosh, Founder, VAG Entertainment.

Off Season Blast

2 Nights 3 Days open air music festival @ Liquid Sky Club, Ashvem on 17th, 18th & 19th August 2014.

Music is the common thread between Vag Entertainment, MCA (Music, art & Culture)& SPYK Entertainment.
Here's an excerpt from the interview with Vaisalli Ghosh: Healer by passion & Media person by profession.

Tell us something about Vag Entertainment.

Vag Entertainment was launched two years ago with intent of graspingand displaying unique art and the artist through festivals in India and abroad.

We have been associated with film festivals internationallyas well as in India. Basically, we love working on unique concepts and I think that is what makes us stand apart and connect with people.

What is the festival about? What attracted you to be a part of this Festival?

This is the 3rd year in a row that the Off Season Music Blast is being held in Goa.

The Uniqueness of this festival is that it brings different cultures, art and Music under one roof, without any barrier.The idea here is to celebrate life and stay light. Music is considered to be one of the several healing tools.
This year, we have 36 International and National artists performing at the Open Air @ Sky Club, Ashvem.

Last year, the 2800 people attended the do, and this year we expectaround 5000 people to be part of this festival.

What is VAG Entertainment role in this event?

We are the Co - Sponsor of the festival. It's an awesome experience to work with energetic, pyscdelic youth. I am amazed looking at the talent and how beautifullyspirituality has taken shape among these young people.
This is the beauty of music!!!

OFF SEASON BLAST, Goa -2014 will feature 36 internationaland National artists, with a dance floor spread across a 10000 square meter area.

Off Season Blast is a fete totally steeped in world music, with an ambience that will encompass the whole gamut that go with music ‐‐ fire shows, visuals, plenty of space to chill out and much, much more!

This rare combination of a media background coupled with healing. Can you tell us more?

I have a strong foundation in the media. With 18 years of experience in Digital & Off line media, I am well versed with the ups and downs as well as the quick paced world of media. As a healer, I connect with the world around me, with people as well as my true self. For me, my media background is the (yang) and the healing is the (yin). This is what completes me.

What can we expect at OFF SEASON BLAST?

In a nutshell, psychedelics and an expansion of consciousness.

There is Trance, and there is alternate music as well. I believe that a music lover is at home in any space that gives her/ him good music to sink in. That's what you will find at OFF SEASON BLAST. With a crowd of around 3000 - 5000 people from all over India and across the globe, this event is much looked forward to.

Expect mysticism amidst rains, plenty of love, harmony, spirituality and creativity. The place is bound to vibrate in this energy. This festival is aimed at uniting spiritual people, reminding them of their important role in keeping the ecological and spiritual balance on the planet, by spreading love and joyous vibrations.

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