Love Jihad: How Pakistan's ISI honey-trapped two Indians into spying for it

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Wealth and women-it just took these two promises for the two alleged ISI spies to share information about the movement of the Indian army.

The Gujarat ATS had two days back arrested Alana Hamir and Shakoor Sumra from Bhuj in Gujarat on the allegation that they were spying for the ISI.

Indian army info shared with Pak

A high alert had been issued across the country especially in the border towns following the surgical strike conducted by India. The intelligence and the police kept on their radar all suspicious activities.

It was then that frequent visits by Hamir to Pakistan came under the radar of the agencies. The agencies started checking on those people who made frequent visits to Pakistan and this is when Hamir's name cropped up.

It was found that since 2014, he had made four visits to Pakistan. The Gujarat ATS finally nabbed him when he was meeting with Sumra and discussing the information to be passed on to Pakistan.

Women and wealth

Hamir had visited Pakistan in 2014 to meet a relative. During his visit to Tharparkar district in Pakistan he met a 17-year-old girl. He instantly fell in love with her. As investigations progress it has come to light that the girl was set up to honey trap Hamir.

The girl then introduced him to her handler. The ATS says that it was the handler who trained Hamir on how to gather and pass on information. The girl also said that if he did this work he would get paid for it. Hailing from a poor background, he fell for the trap and bit the bait.

Hamir then roped in Sumra. Since Hamir is an illiterate, he roped in his educated friend Sumra, the ATS also says.

Together they collected information and regularly and passed it on to Pakistan. When they were arrested, the ATS found on them a mobile phone with Pakistan SIM cards.

Photographs and maps too have been recovered from the duo who have now been booked under the Official Secrets Act.

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