India tops bribery rate in Asia Pacific: Survey

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In the Asia Pacific, India has the highest bribery rate a survey has shown. Two-thirds of Indians had to pay 'tea money' or fork out other forms of bribe to get public services, a survey conducted by international anti-graft rights group Transparency International said.

It found that 69 per cent in India as saying they had to pay a bribe, followed by 65 per cent in Vietnam. China was much lower at 26 per cent while in Pakistan it was at 40 per cent. Japan was the lowest at 0.2 per cent.

India tops bribery rate in Asia Pacific: Survey

The survey went on to state that China had however seen the highest increase with 73 per cent. The increase has been noticed in the past one year. India on this list stands at 7th with a 41 per cent increase.

The top bribe taker is the police department, the survey said. The survey asked people how often they had to pay a bribe, give a gift, or do a favour, including for the police, judge or court officials, teachers, hospital staff or a government official for getting some documents or services.

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