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By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

The betterment of a society is not a job to be left to a few. It's a responsibility to be shared by all ~ David Packard

What does the term 'social responsibility' signifies in general?


Well, Social responsibility means that business organizations, in addition to maximization of shareholder value, must act in a manner that benefits society. They must adopt policies that promote the well-being of society and the environment. Social workers help relieve people's suffering, fights for social justice, and improves lives and communities.

Our nation is gifted with businessmen such as Sir Ratan Tata, Shiv Nadar, Lakshmi Mittal and others who has taken steps towards the societal development. They use their money and resources for the development of nation and building the societies.

One such renowned name is Dr. Brajesh Kumar Yadav. In this generation where many are on the wrong track of achieving success, a man has shown us today what it means to be a person with pure intention and what it is to be a good human being first. Dr. Brajesh has many feathers on his hat. Apart from being a Doctor, he is also an Entrepreneur, Film producer, Trader, Tech-Savvy and most prominently a Social Worker.

Born in a small village named Etah from Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Brajesh has done his primary schooling from Bhadki (U.P) and completed his secondary education from Etah itself. For higher studies, he shifted to Pune after receiving a degree from Agra.

Soon after the completion of his higher studies, he stepped into the world of IT business. He started his own software company & named it Techno Thoughts IT Services. At present, his startup has branches in different states like Haryana, Gujarat, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, etc. Because of his hard work and dedication, his software company has also earned it's position worldwide in Dubai, Malaysia, America and others.

According to a study, human behavior is highly influenced by the people they are surrounded with. His mere thought of making the society a better place to live in and thinking about the welfare of people proves that how incredible person he is. Dr. Yadav has given the sole credit to his parents, both for his success and his developmental mindset. His parents also used to work for the society and people. They were equally a part of societal welfare. He has developed the compassionate attitude from them only.

Dr. Brajesh Yadav has been following the footsteps of his parents even since.

Dr. Yadav has made electricity available in many remote areas and small villages. He strongly disagrees with the idea of dowry system in India. So, he refused to take dowry in his own marriage. He protested against the evil practice of taking dowries in marriages through his refusal to take one. Although, giving or taking dowry is commonplace in remote areas of our nation, India. His action towards the malpractice of dowry inspired the society in a positive manner.

He is also working towards employment generation. He is doing a lot for the society in his own ways. Dr. Brajesh is flourishing not only in his IT business but also in the healthcare industry to help those in need. To reach more people and be able to work more for the society, Dr. Brajesh Yadav feels the need to be a part of politics. Truly, Humanity at it's best.

Many well-known universities have honored him with Doctorate for his contributions towards the social welfare. He has won several other accolades.

Recently, he was honored by the police staff of his village when he went to his house in Etah to celebrate the pious occasion of Diwali with his family. He received a frame of Lord Rama and Sita. He was overwhelmed by this gesture of the police staff. He showed his gratitude towards them for the honor that he received. He talked about the roles of youth towards the social development. He considered youth as an asset who can bring out positive changes in the society. He asked them to join him in his mission of social welfare. He also promised that he will continue to work for the betterment of his people. Dr. Yadav has set a remarkable example of how a successful man is supposed to be.

There is so much to learn from people like Dr. Brajesh Yadav. That, no matter at what positions we are at, under what circumstances we are living, we must always try to bring fruitful changes in the lives of people. We should learn to help others and be compassionate towards them. Kindness and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Install the values of kindness and virtue in yourself because - 'You reap what you sow'.

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