HT scribe says his facts on Vemula picked 'out of context' by columnist Chakrathirtha to mislead

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Bengaluru, Jan 30: The saga of fight of Rohith Vemula would have continued in the campus of Hyderabad Central University, rather than candle night vigil in his distressful absence during his birthday, had the system did not consumed the life of 'Dalit research scholar' who left a sarcasm laced scholastic suicide note on January 18.

Lot have been said and spoke on Rohith's lineage, as to which caste he belongs to. Many right wing outfits claimed he is not a Dalit and the ongoing stir against caste discrimination is nothing but persuasion of anti-Modi agenda.

Rohith Vemula

Putting to rest all the rumors, 'The in-depth report' on the lineage of Rohith Vemula was published by the Hindustan Times (HT). The report reveals inspiring story of Vemula and how he was born to abusive father belonging to Vaddera (OBC) community and mother hailing from Mala (Dalit) caste. And his struggle to emerge successful in life.

Does HT report indicates Vemula's family clash sparked the suicide?

A columnist, Rohith Chakrathirtha wrote a piece in a fledgling Kannada Newspaper, Vishwavaani on January 30. The column mainly talks about how a section intelligentsia is pouring fuel to the fire on the Vemula's incidence to fulfill political agenda.

The column narrates about a program held recently in Karnataka to pay homage to Rohith Vemula in which two controversial intellectuals allegedly passed anti-Hindu comments.

However, the column interestingly make a reference of HT report. The author, Chakrathirtha taking the reference of the report says "Vemula's suicide was a repercussion of family infighting as it becomes very clear from the HT report"

What the columnist say?

Rohith Chakrathirtha is of the opinion that many factors lead to the action of Rohith Vemula, albeit the author of the write-up particularly mentioned in the piece about family in-fighting.

"After reading HT report, I arrived at a logical conclusion that childhood had major impact on Vemula's mind to land at such decision." Chakrathirtha informed.

columnist, Rohith Chakrathirtha

When asked does ripples in the campus between ABVP and ASA could also be the factor for his death, Chakrathirtha said this aspect is also mentioned HT report. But the columnist did not dwell much on this dimension during the conversation with OneIndia.

Vemula experienced traumatic childhood, mainly caste discrimination. This could be one of the reasons for the triggering of extreme step.

The OneIndia contacted the scribe, Sudipto Mondal of HT who reported exhaustive story of Vemula's life voyage.

"The story of Rohith Vemula does not reflect the weakness but the strength of the boy. It is in fact both the indication of how strong Rohith Vemula was as well as the story is inspirational to others," said Sudipto Mondal.

Sudipto Mondal

Mondal was quick to put on record that it is not his (Sudipto Mondal's) story, but the story of Rohith Vemula that he has put out. Mondal opined that drawing this distinction on the ownership of the story is very important.

"This entire thing of journalists coming in and saying it is my story, on what right? Some people have been gracious enough even in their grief, in their trauma to take time off and speak to you. Later coming out and saying it is my story is disgusting," Mondal stressed. 

Mondal speaking on Chakrathirtha's column said who are openly representing ideology of 'inhumanity' has misrepresented these facts and it was expected too. "This is exactly what I was expecting."

Journalism is compilation of facts. This (column) is not about facts. If these people are inhuman in the way that they are and it is not that they don't know they are inhumane. Because, the facts are apparent to them in the same way the facts are apparent to others.

"Despite all overwhelming facts in this case, if someone continues to believe in what you do, it is  mere ideological, like this gentleman (Rohith Chakrathirtha). They even calibrate facts to the tune of their ideology."

Rohith Vemula was facing family problems since the time he was born. He did not resolved to take extreme step of killing himself at that time. Then what was the tipping point? Mondal asks.

Sudipto continued saying "why do we say that we should not demoralize somebody or traumatize somebody? Because we do not know what all experiences human beings have gone through in their lives."

The question is not does VC (Vice Chancellor of HCU), Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya and HRD (Human Resource Development) Minister Smriti Zubin Irani were in the know of Vemula's background. The point is he was vulnerable due to all of his ordeals and these people put pressure on him, Mondal emphasised.

On a legal note, one who pushes a person to take extreme step is the one who is culpable. "You cannot say that Vemula had issues with his family that made a person vulnerable," Mondal pointed. Rohith picked up a fight against those who are powerful than him. But exerting power on the week is evil. 

"A man was standing on the edge of a cliff to witness the beauty of the nature, some body pushes him. Do you blame him for standing on the edge of the cliff," Mondal posed a question before he concluded the conversation.

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