How Pakistan uses its doctors against India

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New Delhi, July 9: The Pakistan's ISI always has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to India. The latest is sending in doctors from Pakistan to various countries who in turn have been told to spread an anti India message.

India which has profiled several of these doctors have learnt that they are sent to troubled neighbouring countries and apart from providing aid, they are told to spread an anti India propaganda.

How Pak uses its doctors against India.
A report by the Intelligence Bureau suggests that nearly 80 per cent of these doctors have studied medicine at institutes run by the armed forces in Pakistan.

The sending of such a huge number of doctors who have studied medicine in such colleges raised a doubt which then led to a profiling being done by the Intelligence Bureau.

Doctors in disguise:

An attempt to send such doctors was first made in Nepal when an earthquake hit the country. However the offer was rejected by Nepal on the ground that their citizens may not like getting treated by Pakistanis.

However Pakistan continues to identify trouble prone zones and send these doctors.

What the Intelligence Bureau has learnt is that most of these doctors have been in touch with the ISI. It made no sense for a doctor to be in touch with officers in the Pakistan intelligence, said an Indian IB official.

According to the IB, these doctors are sent in to spread hate against India. Doctors are the best bet since patients trust them.

Moreover due to their social standing and the help they are offering, many would often buy what they are talking. Indian officials say that they are closely monitoring these doctors.

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