Hindu outfit cautions RSS on women's entry in temples

Posted By: PTI
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Panaji, Mar 14: Seizing on the RSS's stance on entry of women in temples, Goa-based Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has said that the Sangh should seek guidance from religious leaders before deciding on the controversial issue.

"RSS has taken the decision to change the uniform of Swayamsevaks from shorts to full pants after a lot of deliberation and rounds of discussions.

Goa-based Hindu group has cautioned RSS.

The saffron outfit, which took such a long time to decide on the uniform should not take a decision to change the religious practices and traditions in such a haste," HJS spokesman Ramesh Shinde said in a statement issued here.

"The RSS should seek guidance from 'Dharmacharya' or 'Shankaracharya' before taking any stand on equality of men and women in the field of religion and spirituality," Shinde said.

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HJS' statement comes in the backdrop of the RSS backing women's entry in temples, stating restriction on entry of women in places of worship was "unfair" and managements in such places should change their mentality.

"In case any dispute was to arise as the time passes, Adya Shankaracharya has given authority to Acharya-Pitha, established by him to take appropriate decision. Just as political decisions are taken in the Parliament by the elected representatives of the people, similar decisions regarding Dharma should be taken in the Parliament of Dharma (Dharma-Sansad)," the statement said.

"If such decisions were taken on the platform of organisations instead of Dharma-Sansad, it would create a lot of confusion in the future. Therefore, RSS's stand over the issue may project that the science of Dharma is false, which in turn may provide strength to anti-dharma progressive elements effortlessly," Shinde stated.

The issue came into the fore after protesters led by activist Trupti Desai had recently demanded entry for women in temples at Shani Shingnapur and Tryambakeshwar.


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