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'Help us save our 7-year-old son' – Cancer patient’s family appeals to the kindness of strangers

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A couple has launched a campaign through crowd-sourcing forum Ketto in order to raise funds to support their seven-year-old son who has cancer for a third time with no curative options.

Monalisa's life took an abrupt turn in 2015 when Soumyajit was just 2 years old. It all began with frequent vomiting, which Monalisa and her husband, Shibnath, thought wasn't something serious.

Help us save our 7-year-old son – Cancer patient’s family appeals to the kindness of strangers

But soon Soumyajit began vomiting blood. Not just this, his body temperature was burning hot and he was also feeling very feverish.

Monalisa was confused as to what had plagued her son. Without further ado, she rushed Soumyajit to a local hospital, wherein the doctors performed certain treatments and procedures, guaranteeing Monalisa that her son would be fine within days. But Soumyajit's condition never improved.

Monalisa and Shibnath were getting emotionally weaker and more impatient by the day as their son suffered in agony.

Having no other option, Shibnath decided to shift his son to another hospital. But unfortunately, he didn't know that soon his world was going to fall apart. After multiple tests, it was revealed that Soumyajit is battling B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a rare and deadly cancer of the blood.

Monalisa was shocked to her core. Her heart shattered into a million pieces and she couldn't believe her ears.

Help us save our 7-year-old son – Cancer patient’s family appeals to the kindness of strangers

Thankfully, by God's grace, there was a cure to Soumyajit's sufferings. After numerous chemo sessions, painful blood transfusions and agonizing plasma transfusions over a span of the next 4 years, Soumyajit triumphantly won his battle against blood cancer.

However sadly, God had one thing else in retailer for him. His most cancers relapsed in 2019. This time the battle was a year-long and it completely snatched away Soumyajit's happiness.

Having emotionally, physically and financially drained themselves, Shibnath and Monalisa somehow gathered the money for their son's treatment by begging and borrowing from family and friends. They even had to shift from West Bengal to Chennai for the treatment.

After spending more than a year in an unknown city where making ends meet was a constant struggle, Soumyajit did get better and was declared cancer-free. But it seems the deadly disease was not ready to leave Soumyajit yet. His cancer relapsed for the third time

This time the doctors have said that only a timely bone marrow transplant can save Soumyajit's life or else he would succumb to cancer. But the cost of the transplant is Rs 25 lakh ($ 34061.17) and Shibnath has no means to gather this amount.

Help us save our 7-year-old son – Cancer patient’s family appeals to the kindness of strangers

Back in his hometown in West Bengal, Shibnath was a mere coolie earning Rs 3000 per month but here in an unknown city like Chennai, he is rendered jobless and penniless.

"Mummy, when will we go home?" 7-year-old Soumyajit asked his mother, Monalisa, as she hugged him dearly. "Soon beta, you'll be fine and then we will go home." Monalisa replied as she kissed her son on the cheek.

Now only you can help this poor family. We kindly urge you to donate and help us raise Rs 25 lakh ($ 34061.17) for Soumyajit's life-saving transplant and give these parents their child back.

The fundraiser for the couple's 7-year-old son Soumyajit is accepting donations now. The couple have put their faith in people they may not even know to make a difference to their lives and help save their son. Contribute now or share the fundraiser to help.

Please help the family in saving their son.

How Can You Help?

  • You can Donate here
  • You can share Soumyajit's story on Facebook and WhatsApp so that his story reaches to more people like you who will impact his life

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