Headley's handler is a khaas admi in Pakistan

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David Headley today referred to a man called Sajid Mir several times during his testimony before a Mumbai court in connection with the 26/11 trial. A global terrorist who had even scouted for targets in France, Mir is a mystery man for the world, but a very important person in Pakistan.

Headley in all his testimonies in the past has referred to Mir being his handler, but has not once stated clearly who exactly is this man. Pakistan says that such a person does not exist. Mir's name figures in the case that was probed by the NIA relating to the international conspiracy into the 26/11 attack.

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The importance of Sajid Mir is well known to Indian Intelligence agencies. This story on how Mir was covered and protected post 26/11 will explain how important a man he is in Pakistan.

Let off in Pakistan, Mir is a VIP:

Mir was immediately taken into custody in Pakistan a day after the 26/11 attack. However two days later he was let off. If one looks at the confession of Abu Jundal the Hindi tutor of the ten terrorists it becomes clear that Mir was present in that control room at Karachi which was guiding the attack on Mumbai.

He was introduced to the rest of the persons in the room as Sajid Majid. The Pakistan establishment is so protective over Mir that even during the planning and execution of the attack, none were allowed to speak with him. Mir spoke only when he wanted to. Mir had taken it upon himself to plan and execute the attack.

He even visited India a few years prior to the attack as a cricket fan. This investigators believe was part of a reconnaissance exercise. Jundal during his confession even went on to term Mir as a Khaas Admi.

Mir was taken away by the ISI in Karachi and after being let off he moved to Muzzafarabad. It was at this time that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba's camp called the Baitul Mujahideen at Muzzafarabad had shut down. Mir briefly oversaw the setting up of a new camp in Chela Bandi. From here Mir was taken away to Islamabad. He has been missing since then.

An army man who joined the Lashkar-e-Tayiba:

According to the information India has on Mir, he was originally associated with the Pakistan army. However he was later on shifted to the ISI which tasked him with setting up international modules for the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

His first international stint was in France a country he had visited to recruit terrorists. Post this assignment he was asked to handle the 26/11 attack and he first chose David Headley for the job. All through it was Mir who coordinated with Headley. In fact at a later stage, Mir brought in two persons Major Sameer and Iqbal to coordinate with Headley.

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