Gurdaspur attack: US will assist India with GPS analysis

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New Delhi, July 29: India will seek the assistance of the United States of America with regard to the investigations being conducted into the Gurdaspur attack.

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The GPS coordinates which have become the main basis of the investigation to show a clear Pakistan link will be shared with the United States.

Gurdaspur attack: US will assist India

The US on the other hand would help India get the exact location details from where the GPS had been set.

A bare reading of the coordinates clearly indicate that the terrorists came in from Pakistan and had set the location details on July 21. They made their journey into India last Sunday before carrying out the attack on Monday.

Technical analysis a key to investigations:

The technical analysis of the GPS sets are extremely crucial to the investigations. There were two GPS sets that had been recovered from the area of operation. The coordinates which show the entire route between Pakistan and India was set on July 21. The start point indicated that it was set from Shakargarh Tehsil in Pakistan.

Further it also shows that they entered into India after crossing the river (Ravi) on Sunday night. Currently the location details available give a clear picture that the terrorists had started out from Pakistan.

The technical analysis of the GPS sets are very crucial as they would clearly show that the terror attack had emerged out of Pakistan.

The US agencies whose help would be sought will be able to give India the exact location details and detailed route map that the terrorists used before coming to India and launching this attack.

The technical analysis is expected to take at least a week more and will be ready before the National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan meet in August. India will counter Pakistan with this proof.

No food, less ammunition:
OneIndia had reported yesterday that the terrorists were in Gurdaspur for a short stint. It was more like a hit and run case. They may have had three targets marked on their GPS, but they chose to pick the first target available. While analyzing the attack, Intelligence Bureau officials say that this was an attack only to prove a point.

The intention was to fire indiscriminately also keep security forces engaged for a day. There was no food that the terrorists were carrying. In fact terrorists normally carry food supplies such as nuts to munch at the time of the attack. However there has been no sign of the same. The ammunition too was restricted which only shows that they were here for a short stint.

The history of Shakargarh Tehsil:

The Shakagarh Tehsil which is in the Narowal district, Punjab province of Pakistan was the only tehsil of the district of Gurdaspur that was included into Pakistan at the time of partition.

The Shakargarh Tehsil was an administrative subdivision of Gurdaspur District, in 1947. While a majority of the Gurdaspur district went to India, Shakargarh was retained by Pakistan.

According to Wikipedia, the Ravi divides it from the rest of the District to the south, while on the north it touches Jammu territory.

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