Gujarati man who declared Rs 13,680 Crore in IDS had no money to pay for milk and cable

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Moments before the September 30 deadline to declare wealth came to an end, Mahesh Shah shocked Income Tax Commissioner West Range with a whopping Rs 13,680 disclosure. A man who had never paid more than Rs 2.4 lakh tax annually had suddenly landed right at the top of country's chart in Income declaration scheme. But the missing millionaire had no money to pay for milk supply, cable connection or vegetables.

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Mahesh Shah, as reported in Ahmedabad Mirror, had disconnected his Television cable connection three months ago citing weak financial position. He had told his milk delivery man that he was running short of cash and still owes Rs 8,000 in dues to him. Shah also reportedly owes Rs 5,800 to his vegetable vendor.


Despite having no money to pay dues, Shah carried at least 5 different mobile phones. The man's health was also a concern for the family with huge medical bills eating into his earnings. Mahesh Shah, Mirror reported, suffers from a heart ailment. He has had a paralytic stroke in the past. Shah had a stent placed but despite his cardiologist's warning, he continues to be a chain smoker. Shah's wife Vanita is also reportedly a cancer patient.

Suspecting his ability to pay the tax before due date, the Income Tax department officials knocked on his door a couple of days prior but Mahesh Shah was gone by then. The Chartered account who had accompanied Shah to the tax office now claims that his disclosure was suspicious and he has his doubts about Shah's ability to pay tax for the declared wealth.

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