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From land jihad to Islamic jihad: Why we must rejoice the return of illegal Bangladeshis


New Delhi, Jan 06: The fear has set in and the charges are up. There is a major exodus of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants back to their home country. The touts are in demand and are today demanding Rs 6,000 to send these persons back to Bangladesh.

The enhanced activity along the border had forced Bangladesh to turn off the mobile services for a day last week. Looking at the demand to get back to Bangladesh, the touts have upped their fee from Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000.

From land jihad to Islamic jihad: Why we must rejoice the return of illegal Bangladeshis

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that it is the fear of the NRC that is forcing these persons back.

Reverse migration continues: Several more illegal Bangladeshis expected to flee India

At least 450 persons have been arrested by the Bangladesh police when they crossed over from India.

Most of the reverse migration is taking place by those who have settled in South India. These are the newer illegal migrants, who have come to India and have no documents. Illegal immigrants from Karnataka and Hyderabad have been returning to Bangladesh.

They land in Bengal, following which with the help of touts have been crossing over to Bangladesh. In the past one year nearly 1,000 such cases have been reported. However, in the past two months, there has been a major surge and at least 445 illegal immigrants have crossed over into Bangladesh.

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Director General Maj Gen Md Shafeenul Islam disclosed the figure during a press briefing here. "About 1,000 people were arrested in 2019 for illegal border crossings from India to Bangladesh, with 445 of them returning home in November and December," he said.

Land jihad to violence:

Indian officials say that they are not alarmed by the situation. They came in illegally and are returning. It is better if they get back on their own as they have started posing a problem now.

In several parts of the country, illegal immigrants have become so powerful that they mingle with the local Muslim population and indulge in crimes. In West Bengal instances of land, jihad has been reported. These illegal immigrants have earned a lot of money through counterfeiting and drug trade and have forcibly snatched land from the poor Hindus in Bengal.

Reverse migration to Bangladesh would only increase: Intelligence Bureau sources

The illegal immigrants have also played a role in acts of terror, be it at Burdwan or Bodhgaya. They have been roped in by terror groups such as the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh.

Recently the Delhi Police found that illegal Bangladeshis had been instrumental in fanning the violence at Seelampur Delhi. It has now come to light that there were several Illegal Bangladeshi migrants who were part of this mob and had fanned the violence. They were involved in rioting and destruction of public property.

Illegal immigrants and Bengal’s land jihadis mandates we need an NRC now

In Seelampur, the police had found bags of stones at the protest site. Who comes with stones for a peaceful protest, the Delhi Police official asked. The case was similar in both UP and Mangalore. While in Mangalore the rioters had come with stones, in UP, the police released images of a man brandishing a gun during the protest.

During the protests at the Jamia Millia and Seelampur, the police had found that there were several hidden mobs, which came out and incited the violence. IB sources say that members of the SIMI had infiltrated into Delhi from UP and the other neighbouring states.

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