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Exit polls 2019: BJP set to return to power

By Anuj Cariappa

New Delhi, May 19: With the conclusion of voting in the final phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019 this evening, prominent broadcasters and surveying firms would begin releasing the predictions of exit polls after 6 pm on Sunday.

Exit polls 2019 Live: Eagerly awaited exit poll predictions to start after 6 pm

As per the the Election Commission guidelines, the exit poll predictions cannot be released the polling ends. Although many channels and websites would have conducted surveys, the important ones are News18-IPSOS, India Today-Axis, Times Now-CNX, NewsX-Neta, Republic Bharat-Jan Ki Baat, Republic-CVoter, ABP-CSDS and Today's Chanakya.

What the 2014 exit polls predicted? A look at their track record

The exit poll predictions would dominate the political discussions across the nation until the results are officially declared on May 23.

India TV-C-Voter28910112133
Headlines Today Cicero261-283110-12019150-162

Almost all the major Exit Polls in 2014 had by and large predicted that the NDA would emerge victorious in the elections, it was Today's Chanakya exit poll prediction which was closest to final result. Today's Chanakya had predicted 340 seats for NDA and 291 for the BJP, and in the final result BJP won 282 seats out of 543, and NDA bagged 336 seats.

Follow Live updates from all the major Exit Polls here:

Newest First Oldest First
9:40 PM, 19 May
Today's Chanakya Exit poll
Today's Chanakya Exit poll predicted a clean sweep for the BJP and its allies in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, the three states where it had lost the state Assembly elections to Congress in 2018. The Congrress, according to the exit poll, may be limited to just two seats in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, and may not win even a single seat in Rajasthan.
9:13 PM, 19 May
In Haryana, BJP could marginally improve its tally of 7 in 2014, with the Times Now-VMR predicting that 8 of state’s 10 seats will go to the party.
9:13 PM, 19 May
In Odisha, where the Naveen Patnaik-led BJD had swept 20 of the 21 Lok Sabha seats in 2014, the exit polls predict NDA will win 10 ,BJD: 11 and UPA: 0
9:13 PM, 19 May
The BJP-led NDA will get a clear majority while its main opponent the UPA will fail to reach the magic mark, exit polls by TV channels have predicted.
9:13 PM, 19 May
The Telegu Desam Party (TDP) which won 15 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh in 2014 faces a tough fight with exit polls favouring the YSR Congress party led by Jagan Mohan Reddy. According to the Times Now-VMR Exit Poll, the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) is likely to win 18 of the 25 seats. The India Today-Axis My India exit poll gives YRSRCP 18-20 seats with a vote share of 45 percent.
8:48 PM, 19 May
NDTV's poll of polls for Kerala
In Kerala, Congress will bag 13 seats, predicts NDTV's poll of polls. It has given five seats to the Left and one to the BJP. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Congress had emerged as the single largest party in the state with 8 seats and a vote share of 31.5 percent. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) had won 5 seats with 21.8 percent votes.
8:47 PM, 19 May
ABP Nielson for Bihar
Exit poll result predictions for Bihar by ABP Nielson say that the NDA alliance in the state is likely to win 34 seats. The UPA is predicted to win only six seats. In the 2019 polls, Nitish Kumar held to its grip on the backward castes, while the RJD tried to consolidate non-Yadav OBC votes hoping to make smaller allies.
8:47 PM, 19 May
News18 -IPSOS survey has predicted a clean sweep for the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP-led NDA is expected to win 336 seats, while the UPA may be limited to 82 seats. Other parties can get aruond 127 seats.
8:22 PM, 19 May
As for the vote share, News18-IPSOS survey has predicted that the NDA will win 48.5 percent of the total votes. Predictions state that the UPA will win 25 percent of the vote share.
8:21 PM, 19 May
Republic TV poll prediction for Odisha
NDA: 10 , UPA: 0, BJD: 11
8:14 PM, 19 May
India Today-Axis Exit Poll predicts for West Bengal
BJP: 19-23 TMC: 19-22 Congress: 0-1 Left: 0-0
8:13 PM, 19 May
India TV-CNX Exit Poll for Delhi
The India TV-CNX Exit Poll predicts a smooth win for BJP in Delhi BJP: 7 Congress: 0 AAP: 0
8:13 PM, 19 May
Sanjay Jha has said that the exit poll results are laughable as most pollsters have written out the Congress party. According to NDTV's Poll of Polls, the NDA alliance will win 296 seats while the UPA will be restricted 128.
8:04 PM, 19 May
News18 IPSOS
The News18 IPSOS exit polls has predicted 336 seats for the NDA, while the UPA may bag of 82 seats.
8:03 PM, 19 May
ABP Nielsen
The exit polls so far paint a promising picture for the NDA as it is set to mark sweeping victory in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. ABP Nielsen exit poll says BJP 45 seats away from majority, while non-NDA parties are 30 away from the majority
8:03 PM, 19 May
India Today Axis for Punjab
Data from the India Today Axis My India exit poll suggests that it will be a victory for Congress in the northern state of Punjab.
8:02 PM, 19 May
Meanwhile, Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee dubbed the exit polls as gossip and said that it was a 'game plan to manipulate or replace thousands of EVMs'.
7:47 PM, 19 May
Every exit poll can't be wrong , tweets Omar Abdullah
7:24 PM, 19 May
ABP Maharashtra prediction
The Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena combine will manage to win only 34 seats in the politically important state of Maharashtra. The Congress and NCP will be restricted to 14 seats, said the ABP exit poll survey.
7:23 PM, 19 May
Republic TV exit poll prediction for Bihar
NDA: 33, UPA: 7, Others:0
7:17 PM, 19 May
Republic TV exit poll prediction for West Bengal
TMC: 29, NDA: 11, UPA: 2, Others: 0
7:16 PM, 19 May
India Today-Axis Exit Poll prediction for Goa
BJP: 2-0 Cong: 0-0 Others: 0-0
7:08 PM, 19 May
Satta market prediction
Satta market predicts BJP to get 244-247; 80 for Congress
7:06 PM, 19 May
Neta-NewsX Exit Poll shows NDA close to majority
BJP expected to cross 200 while Congress to win 107 seats. While NDA could lead with 242 seats and UPA could win 164 seats
7:02 PM, 19 May
India Today-Axis Exit Poll for Karnataka
The India Today-Axis Exit Poll for Karnataka. Here’s what the numbers look like – NDA: 21-25 UPA: 3-6 Others: 0-1
7:01 PM, 19 May
Republic TV Uttar Pradesh Exit Poll prediction
Republic TV Uttar Pradesh Exit Poll: NDA 38, UPA 2, Mahagathbandhan (SP-BSP-RLD) 40
7:01 PM, 19 May
Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll Prediction
BJP 291 ± 14 Seats Cong 57 ± 9 Seats NDA 340 ±14 Seats UPA 70 ±9 Seats Others 133 ±11 Seats
6:53 PM, 19 May
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP may win almost as many seats as it did in 2014, early exit polls have predicted. An amalgamation of all surveys, curated by NDTV suggested that the BJP-led NDA may easily get 300 seats in the 542 seats of Lok Sabha that went to polls.
6:53 PM, 19 May
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP may win almost as many seats as it did in 2014, early exit polls have predicted. An amalgamation of all surveys, curated by NDTV suggested that the BJP-led NDA may easily get 300 seats in the 542 seats of Lok Sabha that went to polls.
6:44 PM, 19 May
Republic TV exit poll prediction
NDA: 305 UPA: 124 Others: 120

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