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Exclusive Interview: Find out more about Fametick Media and First HelpCare founder Afzal Anis

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

During the digital India era, all the fresh minds are emerging and succeeding in the Indian startup sector. We came across this millennial, Afzal Anis, who is the founder of Fametick Media and First HelpCare, the two emerging startups of India. We spoke exclusively with Afzal and his team about how he got started and his ambitions for the coming years.

Exclusive Interview: Find out more about Fametick Media and First HelpCare founder Afzal Anis

We began our interview with Afzal by asking a series of questions to familiarise everyone with the approach, and then we asked Afzal a few critical questions, the answers to which can be startling. Let us begin by telling you about Afzal Anis and his two firms, Fametick Media and First HelpCare.

Who is Afzal Anis?

Afzal Anis, a 20 year-old entrepreneur from India, he's the mind behind Fametick Media and First HelpCare, two of the country's fastest-growing startups. Afzal Anis possesses commercial acumen and is rapidly accumulating knowledge in the sphere of social media through the work of his agency. Fametick's primary focus has been on public relations and marketing, and they quickly turn individuals into brands. They are knowledgeable about their profession and perform it competently. At a very young age, Afzal Anis realised that this is what he wants to accomplish and discovered his calling. He is a consummate marketer, whether it is a brand or a public figure.

How did Fametick Media get its name?

Fametick Media has developed clever methods based on years of experience in the field of public relations to assist you in increasing the visibility of your product/brand or yourself in front of your target audience. It assists you in growing by utilising advertising/marketing tactics such as expert content writing, web design, web development, public relations, and social media management. You profit from the agency's involvement of highly skilled marketers. Fametick Media ensures your success through the provision of high-quality work.

How does Fametick Media operate?

They give a dedicated workforce with a diversified skill set that enables your organisation to grow. A skilled public relations team can conceal your imperfections and create a new you in the eyes of your followers. Proper synergy and effective communication are required characteristics for the brand and the client, or for outstanding personalities and their audience, to establish a positive link. When you hire Fametick, you are hiring the best team to address any of these issues.

With regards to Afzal Anis's second firm, which is diametrically opposed to Fametick Media, we spoke with him about First HelpCare and how his team functions and manages a humanitarian enterprise.

What is First HelpCare?

First HelpCare is an initiative started to educate the masses about what is going on around them; people have no idea about the people going through a lot in their own neighbourhood, let alone in distant areas. Our goal is to reach out and assist those in need who do not receive recognition on any census and thus receive no assistance.

People are hesitant to assist when a significant sum of money is necessary, but if they give a small amount of money to the proper cause, they will not inconvenience anyone and will also feel satisfied that their money is being utilised to assist those in need. This is where crowdsourcing comes in; by bringing the world to us through digital channels, we want to attract attention to pressing issues.

How does First HelpCare operate and how does it assist others?

The First HelpCare Team said - We began by assisting in our immediate communities and when that proved insufficient, we expanded to neighbouring communities. When that proved insufficient, we attempted to cover the entire Ranchi city, but it never seemed sufficient because the number of people in need far exceeds our expectations and there are never enough resources to alleviate their suffering. We will continue to make an impact on as many lives as possible. We've witnessed people lose their lives and loved ones perish for very bad causes; stories frightening enough to keep us awake at night make us cling to the tiniest of advantages that we take for granted. We want everyone to understand the gravity of the issue and to continue assisting because there are families suffering every day.

Now, with this platform, the entire world can learn about the significant problems individuals are facing and offer assistance from any corner of the globe; with the internet world at our fingertips, we can alter and influence the lives of as many people as we wish; that is our goal.

To find out more about his two startups, visit the websites of Fametick Media and First HelpCare.

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