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Doval doctrine and Army's iron fist: Kashmir clean up in two months

By Vicky

The Doval doctrine clubbed with the iron fist of the Indian Army is what you are getting to witness in Kashmir today. National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval's doctrine made says, "Do not overreact, it will pass off as they cannot sustain beyond a point."

On the other hand, the Indian Army which has been given a free hand to deal with the Kashmir crisis has promised to wipe out every militant by the next winter sets in.

NSA Ajit Doval

Wiping out the 180 odd militants in the Valley is important for the restoration of peace in the Valley. The Army will deal with the protestors who try and foil operations. The Army wants the Valley to stay terrorist free before the winter sets in December. Once the winter sets in, terrorists do not infiltrate from Pakistan due to heavy snowfall.

Pakistan is well aware of this and has been stepping up the infiltrations. However the Indian has been repeatedly hitting Pakistan posts across the Line of Control. These posts have been instrumental in the infiltrations as the soldiers provide cover fire to terrorists.

While December is the outer limit given by the Indian Army to wipe out terrorists from the Valley, some officials that OneIndia spoke with say they are confident that this operation can be completed in two months.

The Army units have prepared themselves on all fronts. There are strict instructions to stay on high-alert at all times. All Intelligence Bureau reports relating to Kashmir clearly show that terrorists would either look to strike during the wee hours of the day or hit convoys. An example of the soldiers being on high alert was displayed during the Sumbal attack. It took the soldiers of the CRPF not more than an hour to kill the four terrorists who launched the attack.

What is the Doval doctrine for Kashmir?

"Do not overreact, it will pass off as they cannot sustain beyond a point. The NSA made it clear that there was no need to overreact as these troublemakers could not sustain beyond a point. In 2010 when Kashmir was witnessing massive protests, Doval had said, "Do not overreact, it will pass off as they cannot sustain beyond a point."

Doval says that the biggest problem was the policy of appeasement that was being followed since 1947. He felt that the focus should have been to vacate the Pakistan forces out instead of going to the United Nations. Also, by accepting Article 370 in the state, it only made the people of Jammu and Kashmir look different and this led to separatism. He also felt that such policies only gave Pakistan the upper hand in setting the agenda.

He even spoke about the clarion calls for protests and stone pelting that would be issued from the mosques. He even justified the use of force while ascertaining that in most cases the protestors had a murderous approach. Doval, however, emphasised that use of force against innocents was wrong.

The NSA had emphasised on the need to give Pakistan a decisive blow. Pakistan must realise and understand that it cannot take on India. Pakistan has this belief that it can take on India and only through a decisive blow will they understand that they thinking is wrong, Doval said. He also said that with such action, the separatists too would realise who the real power is.

The Indian Army's iron fist policy:

The Government of India has given the Army a free hand to deal with the situation in Kashmir. The Army won't be bogged down by political interference while dealing with the situation in the Valley, the government has made it clear.

The tempo is up and the Army is going for the kill. There is no other way to deal with terrorists, highly placed sources say. The approach is more aggressive and while engaging with terrorists this is no scope for dialogue.

They have to be gunned down and there is no two ways about it, the source also said. While on one hand the Army is dealing with the militants in the Valley on the other it is hitting Pakistan posts by carrying out punitive fire assaults.

These strikes have ensured that at least 20 terrorists have been wiped out. More importantly the posts that are hit strategically were the ones aiding infiltration of terrorists by providing cover fire.

OneIndia News

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