Did ISIS recruit from Tamil Nadu skip a German assignment?

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Bengaluru, Oct 24: Did Subhani Moideen flee from Iraq while skipping an assignment he was given in Germany by the ISIS? There is something amiss in the story of Subhani Moideen who was arrested in Tamil Nadu for his alleged links with the ISIS.

He says that he was sick of the war in Iraq and decided to quit. He also goes on to state that he was arrested and ill-treated when he told the ISIS about his decision to quit.

Did the ISIS recruit skip an assignment?

While the story reads well till here, a big question mark arises when he says that he was released by the ISIS one fine day and asked to return home. The ISIS is not known to go easy on quitters. The only reward for a quitter is death or life imprisonment.

Did he skip a German assignment?

It is a well known fact that the ISIS has been planning a major hit in Germany. It wants to attack as many places as possible in Europe and after France the next target was Germany. Sources say that his release may have been conditional. It is impossible that his ISIS handler grew a heart and let him have a happy homecoming.

As part of the deal, Subhani is said to have been ordered to go to Germany and execute a strike along with others. He is said to have agreed while all along he was plotting his return to India. "An Indian operative in Germany would have raised less heat as compared to a local and hence he may have been chosen for the job," the source also informed.

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However, Subhani did not make it to Germany. Instead he went to the Indian embassy in Turkey and called his relatives in Tirunelveli. His return to Tamil Nadu was arranged and he got back home earlier this year.

Upon his return, he stayed low and worked as a salesperson in a jewellery shop. It is still unclear why he took up the job of a salesperson when he was an engineer by profession.

If Moideen was so keen on leading a normal life, why would he be back chatting with the ISIS handlers online, six months after his return? The indication is that he wanted to carry out the work of the ISIS, but sought to do it from the comfort of his home town.

This could well be part of a larger strategy, officials say. The ISIS handlers who were aware of his escape may have thought of using him to carry out an attack in South India, intelligence bureau officials point out.

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