Chennai Floods: What angered actor Kamal Haasan

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Chennai, Dec 4: Chennai has been submerged under water as Tamil Nadu was hit by one of the worst floods of the century. Normal life has been disrupted and all works came to a standstill in the state.

Indian Army, Indian Air Force, NDRF personnel have been deployed for the rescue operations and thousands of people were stranded at different places across Tamil Nadu, especially in Chennai.

Kamal Haasan

Tamil Nadu government-led by CM Jayalalithaa have been doing their best to rescue people and provide necessary commodities to the flood-affected people.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared Rs 1,000 crore donation for the state. Despite their tremendous efforts, both state and central governments failed to impress actor Kamal Haasan.

The Tollywood actor expressed his concern as he released a statement:

To describe the situation as calamitous would be an understatement. If this can happen in Chennai, can you imagine the plight of the rest of Tamil Nadu?

It's a nightmare for the poor and middle class. The rich should feel guilty. I am not so rich and yet I feel guilty when I look outside my window and see how people in my city are suffering.

The entire system has collapsed. It will take Chennai months to get back to normal even when the rains stop. Where is all of the taxpayer's money going? I don't take black money. I pay my taxes. What is being done for me and my people with my hard-earned money?

I have no God. And I definitely won't accept the authority and decisions of the self-appointed Gods, the politicians. The ruling party, whoever they are, don't mind spending Rs.4000 crores for corporate projects. We are 120 crore people in the country. Why not distribute all the 4000 crore rupees among us? That would make all Indians tri-crorepatis.

I am truly sad and sick. I feel guilty for my being in a comfortable home. I earn very little compared to the governments. But now when our state is in distress they are asking for donations to do what we appointed the government to do. Of course I will pay because I am constrained to respect the government's authority. The reason I pay is not to be perceived as one the rich who suck on people, because I am not. I love my people truly. All this drama of rich and poor is a farce, though. The politicians give a damn about social equality as long as they remain in power.

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