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Can ISIS buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan?


New Delhi, May 23: An in-house magazine of the ISIS has claimed that it is not too long before they buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Far fetched no doubt, but once again it indicates the mindset of the ISIS and how far it is willing to go.

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The claims of nuclear weapons are not being made for the first time. The Taliban had claimed that it had nuclear tipped weapons when the US attacked them post the 9/11 attack.

Can ISIS buy nuclear weapons?

The most recent claim was made by the Tehrik-e-Taliban which claimed to have test fired its first missile called Omar-1.

Terrorist groups like to talk big-they love to believe that they possess the same capabilities a country's army has and all this talk is nothing but part of a propaganda.

Can the ISIS buy nuclear weapons?

Let us see how much they have with them. They have around 2 billion dollars worth assets and approximately 400 dollars in cash with them. Is that enough to buy nuclear weapons? No, it is not unless some rogue Pakistani scientists sells it to them at a discount.

The chances of a rogue scientist selling nuclear weapons to the ISIS or any terror organization is remote as there is too much scrutiny these days. Hence the claim by the ISIS that it will possess nuclear weapons is more of a propaganda rather than a reality.

Even during the US war in Afghanistan a similar claim was made by the Taliban. However not once did any of us get to witness the nuclear weapons or nuclear tipped hand held missiles that the Taliban claimed that it had.

What has the ISIS claimed:

In one of its in-house magazines the ISIS has claimed that it could buy a nuclear weapons in Pakistan in the next 12 months. The article also states that the programme which it has devised to purchase nuclear weapons is called Hypothetical Operation.

The article speaks about collecting several billion of dollars in the next couple of months which would be used to buy nuclear weapons. The ISIS says that it would buy the weapons from Pakistan and has contacted several corrupt officials and arms dealers who would provide them with these weapons.

Further the ISIS also says that the weapons would be transported through Libya an Nigera. If these routes can be used to move arms and drugs, then there is no problem to transport nuclear weapons also the ISIS claims.

Further the ISIS also claims that the nuclear devise would land in South America and then be taken to Mexico. It would then moved to the United States of America where it would be used, the ISIS has also claimed.

Target America:

Analysts closely tracking the ISIS tell Oneindia that this threat is best ignored. The ISIS has made it look extremely simple. The only thing one can gather out of this entire claim is that they are itching to go after the United States of America in a big way.

The ISIS which is currently busy in Syria and Iraq has been claiming since long that it would go after the Americans very soon. One must remember that the ISIS has made America its pet target and the same was evident the day Abu Bakr-Al Bhagdadi was released four years back.

He was held at a camp in Iraq by the Americans only to be released as the US did not find him dangerous.

Bhagdadi who served several years in a US military camp after being captured was let off four years back. At the time of him leaving the camp the Americans claim he turned back and told them, " I will see you guys in New York."

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