Black money hoarders - Don't say Modi didn't warn you enough

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He said declare your income asked why ?
He warned you about black money .. you asked why ?
He talked about financial inclusion ... you asked why ?
He asked u to buy paper gold . He talked about Indian ladies purchasing gold .. you asked why ...
He gave an answer in a single shot..
Now ask yourself on why u asked him why ..

Narendra Modi

This message being circulated on WhatsApp gives out a very clear message about what fighting the menace of black money meant for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When Modi made the announcement to ban Rs 500 and 1,000 notes it meant that those with huge sums of black money would take a major hit. It would not be wrong to say that many such persons will very soon be standing with pieces of colour paper in their hands.

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The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of unaccounted cash in the country and when Modi came to power he made it amply clear that he would fight this menace. Modi was also very vocal about the fake currency emanating out of Pakistan. He wanted to ensure that this industry which was the primary sponsor of terror.

Don't say you were not warned:

Modi during his campaign warned about the menace of black money. When he came to power he had once again spoken about the need to curb black money. He had even gone on to say that black money should be declared by September 30th.

Despite issuing warning after warning the hoarders of black money did not seem to pay heed to the same. They waited, they took their chances and finally on Tuesday the skies fell upon them. Many still have the option of using the stipulated time until December 30th and exchanging their notes at the banks. However for those who have more than what they can account for, they will only find themselves holding on to pieces of papers that the Modi rendered useless on Tuesday night.

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