Shocking: It happened in IT city Bengaluru! 'Possessed with evil spirit', woman tortured inhumanly

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Bengaluru, June 18: A newly married woman has been tortured continuously for four days by her in-laws as they claimed that the woman was being "possessed with evil spirit".

The incident did not take place in a remote village, where such incidents are taken place frequently. It might be illiteracy which lead people to believe in such "evil spirits" and black magic in villages across India.

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But when such incident took place in an IT city like Bengaluru, then it's really difficult to cope up with the shocking news.

36-year-old Satheeshwari recently got married to 38-year-old Soundaraj. Within six months of her marriage, she experienced the worst nightmare of her life.

Her in-laws including her mother-in-law and sister-in-laws tortured her for four days, accusing her of possessing evil spirit. She was confined to her housed at Kadugondenahalli and was not allowed to contact her family members.

Later she somehow managed to contact one of her relatives and finally her family members rescued her and admitted her to a hospital. However, police termed it as a routine husband-wife quarrel took up an NCR (non-cognizable report) when the woman filed a report against her in-laws.

She was quoted as saying, "The ordeal started when my in-laws locked me up in a room saying that I was possessed by a spirit."

"They beat me up for the first three days. On Monday as early as 4 am, I was dragged out from my bed, made to lie on a mat in the pooja room. The family members caught my hands and legs and walked on my limbs. They then took a fiber pipe and started beating me on my face. The two sisters poked my eyes and one of them put her finger in my throat attempting to take the evil spirit from me. I puked, cried and pleaded with them that I was Satheeshwari and not a ghost, but they wouldn't listen," she added.

She was also quoted as saying, "They also plucked locks of hairs from my head, and when I cried for help calling my husband. They gagged me and warned Sounderaj and told him to get out of the house."

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